Last Updated: 29 January 2012

***UPDATED as of January, 2012***

The following items are available from the Stores Officer. Lawrence JOHNSON

Please telephone (02392 365729) or email before ordering, to ascertain the availability of the items requested. Prices include Postage & Packing.

Please make Cheques/Postal Orders payable to 'TON CLASS ASSOCIATION - STORES ACCOUNT' (Address below)

Please State size when ordering.

TCA Baseball Cap £9.68
TCA Beret Badge                                                                            (click to view) £7.50
TCA Blazer Badge                                                                          (click to view) £14.25
TCA Lapel Badge                                                                           (click to view) £5.80
Bar Brooch Slide                                                                            (click to view) £4.00
Car Sticker, Round                                                                         (click to view) £1.25
China Mini Bell £4.50
Mousemat                                                                                       (click to view) £4.00
Key Fob, Leather                                                                            (click to view) £3.75
RN Beret, Blue. Various sizes £15.00
'TON' Profile Badges - Gold                                                            (click to view) £7.50
'TON' Profile Badges - Silver £7.50
TCA Wall Shield                                                                             (click to view) £25.00
TCA Mug                                                                                         (click to view) £7.36
TCA Ski/Beanie Hat (Navy)    *NEW* £7.80
TCA Tie (Blue)                                                                                 (click to view) £9.25
TCA Tie (Maroon) £11.60
TCA Tie (Blackfoot Squadron) £13.00
Teddy Ton £10.00
Ton Talk binder £7.73
TON 1st Day Cover £2.50
TCA 10th Anniversary Print £5.50
'Jack of all Trades' TCA Anniversary Book (coming soon)              (click to view) £9.49
All prices include P&P

CLOTHING - Prices on Application

Please state size S, M, L, XL, XXL & colour required

TCA Blazer Badge with ships name                                                (click to view) POA
TCA Polo Shirt, Navy POA
TCA Polo Shirt + Ships Name                                                         (click to view) POA
TCA Sweater - Navy or Maroon POA
TCA Polar Fleece Jacket, Fruits of the Loom POA
TCA Embroidered Bookmark (Ship & Pennant No) POA
TCA Pilot Shirt, Long Sleeve POA
TCA Pilot Shirt, Short Sleeve POA
TCA Sweatshirt POA
TCA Arctic Fleece Reversible Jacket POA
TCA Arctic Fleece Fruits of the Loom POA
Framed, Embroidered picture of ship, Pennant No, Squadron No & Badge POA


 Lawrence Johnson, 4, Downham Close,Cowplain, Hants. PO8 8UD

 Tel: 02392 365729