HMS Ickford P3116

hms ickford 66 sm

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  1. Great little boat this. Served on her at tail end of Indo Confrontation and paid her off the drafted to Maryton. Would love to hear from any other ex “Ickies” especially as to what become of the Skipper Duncan Davidson and the Jimmy Lt Pink, two bloody great fellas!

    • Rob,
      We hold very little info about the ‘Ford’ Class so anything you can supply would be gratefully received. Have you thought about going onto our Forum and asking about her & others who might have served during your time out the Far Flung ? You might get a reply or provoke some debate.

      Best wishes


  2. As a National Service Sub-Lt(E) I spent the final months of my service at HMS Hornet, the Gosport MTB base during the spring and summer of 1955. HMS Ickford, then very new, was based at Hornet throughout my time there. She was manned by a Royal Marine crew. The skipper was an RM Captain aided by a pair of NS 2nd-Lts RM. An ERA and an LSM provided a naval engineering crew. Ickford often visited Poole to exercise with Commandos.

    We had some mechanical problems with Ickford with which I became involved. As a result I was probably on board every time she sailed. Most of Hornet’s boats went on a summer cruise to Den Helder in Holland. Obviously we could not keep up with the MTBs so we left Gosport several days ahead of the other boats. We had problems with our transmission and limped into Dover to await Self Change Gears, the makers of the gearboxes. We were still tied up in Dover when the boats called on their return from Den Helder.

    Because of its round bottom and lack of a keel Ickford was not a good sea boat! On one trip to Poole we decided to anchor in Poole Bay following some overnight exercises. The exercises were due to resume next night. The sea was quite calm with no more than 3 or 4 inches of lop. After about a quarter of an hour the boat was rolling so much we almost put the scuttles under. We spent the rest of the day riding round Poole Bay at zero knots just to get some shut eye!

    • Good dit John. It seems that quite a few of our members served on the Ickford during their time in the RN.
      I also spent some small amount of time at Hornet. I Joined the Watchful there as she completed her re-fit from Inshore sweeper to Fishery Protection role. Great draft as I was the only greenie on board.
      Best wishes

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