CONA October 2017

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Subject: CONA – The Way Forward

Good evening

At the last CONA meeting we agreed to change the format of our meetings, as this was more of a discussion than a meeting, minutes were not produced however this email should outline the way forward based on that discussion and decisions made. You will remember that CONA is about working together to gain benefits, reduce costs and open up opportunities, merger is officially off the agenda and is not discussed in order to protect the individual nature and freedom of each association.

The presentation by Captain Bill Oliphant (Captain of Portsmouth Naval Base) was very well received and the feedback from CONA members, regarding the information sent out by Andy, is that it should continue.

Therefore, in summary:

  • You will continue to receive pertinent information by email from Andy; please ensure you disseminate this information to your Members. For reference, Offers can be found at this link and News here  The RNA Central Office Facebook page is regularly updated and another source of useful information, see the page here
  • CONA meetings will be held in March and September; one to provide an update of Royal Navy matters and the latter, a CONA Clear Lower Deck (a Conference format) with the option for a social and accommodation in the Portsmouth area. The Working Group met to discuss ideas for the format of the inaugural Conference and decided it should include a guest speaker, as well as a series of presentations with time for Questions and Answers on a range of topics, including:

Support for Veterans at Drop in Centres and Breakfast Clubs throughout the country.

Wellbeing and the impact of ageing – Health checks, aged 70+ and changes to car insurance, holiday insurance, driving CONA minibuses.

Top Tips on running an Association – attracting new members, reunions and AGMs, newsletters, websites and social media. We have already started to scope venues and speakers for the CONA Clear Lower Deck in September 2018.

  • Association updates and contact information – Please review your details on the CONA website and inform me of any changes. Ideally you should include a short description of your Association, contact details and a link to your website.
  • Date of meeting in March 2018 to be confirmed – We are looking for venues ‘outside the wire’ (your suggestions are welcomed) in order to negate any issues with Security and car passes that have historically delayed the start of the meetings and made the experience of coming to HMNB stressful rather than pleasurable!
  • As a reminder, contact details for the RNA Central Office are: RNA Deputy General Secretary, Andy Christie (02392 720782)

I look forward to working alongside you all in my new role as CONA Secretary.


Sarah Clewes CONA Secretary

02392 723747