HMS Camberford P3107

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  1. I was on board HMS Camberford 1959 -1960 stationed in Londonderry, in fact my oldest son was born there

    • Bill,
      Thanks for contacting us. For some strange reason your message has appeared twice but not a problem.
      Any dits about your time on board her, what role was she carrying out etc ?
      Look forward to hearing more.

      Best wishes


  2. I was stationed at HMS Sea Eagle Londonderry from Aug 1958 till about mid 1960. My job as an EA was to look after the Squadron of 3 Patrol boats HMS Aberford, Camberford and Shalford. We were sent sometime in 1959/60 to Korsor Denmark to patrol the entrance to the Baltic. Our job was classified so cannot reveal it here. Because of the small size of these boats we were permitted to cross Scotland through the Caladonian Canal instead of going round the pentland firth. We were in Korsor for only a short time, maybe a couple of months befor returning to Londonderry via the Kiel Canal and round the south of England and up the Irish Sea.HMS Sea Eagle closed on 25thJun 1970 and I have the first day cover of the commemorative envelope issued for the closure. It is interesting to note Hms Sea Eagle and the Londonderry Ships including HMS Whitby were a joint team with RAF Ballykelly and they had Shacklton aircraft of 204 Sqdn fitted with anti Submarine equipment and were used on excersizes for spotting and finding Subs. Ricky Waters

  3. I was on the Camberford for about 12 months in 1954/55, we were stationed at Portland, and were working with X Craft. The best posting I ever had in 7 yrs serving in the R.N.

    • Thanks for contacting us John. I remember Cdr Cameron VC who was an X Craft CO during the war. I was serving at HMS DOLPHIN where he had a post. Very nice officer and a gentleman.


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