Life In The Tons – A Book

Life in the TONs

The TCA Committee Meeting of 11th March approved the suggestion that we should publish the compilation of dits collected by Stan Hudson (sadly now RIP) in 2003-2005 as a companion volume to the two books we produced for our 25th Anniversary; Last of the Wooden Walls and Jacks of All Trades.  An Editorial team comprising Bob Dean, Peter Down and Rob Hoole has been formed to manage this project.

Life in the TONs will not repeat the detail covered in Wooden Walls and Jacks, but will contain a selection of the best of Stan’s dits that have not previously been published, with additional materials to bring it up to date.

Dits will be grouped into subjects including:

  • Joining
  • Food
  • Accidents and Emergencies
  • Rig of the Day
  • Family Matters
  • Sports and Off Watch Activities
  • Action Stations
  • Working Routine
  • Runs Ashore
  • Roughers
  • Wives’ Views
  • Pot Mess of Memories.

The Facebook page Tonclassmcmvs has been invited to contribute some dits and photographs to assist to bring Stan’s work up to date. We are short of dits, especially with some humour, about Minehunting (Ops Room and Diving) and Wives’ stories (please see last paragraph).

We aim to produce an initial print run of 100 copies of an A4 soft-backbook of about 180 pages. Further reprints can be arranged when we see how well the initial batch has sold

The book will be promoted via our website, social media, Navy News (hopefully), related naval associations, shipping magazines and our contacts in the book trade.

We plan to have Life in the TONs, ready for distribution at the Reunion in October, so just in time for the Christmas rush and ideal to solve that problem “What can we get for Granddad ?”  –  tell your kids NOW  !

We would welcome additional dits and photos, preferably not previously published. Please send them to HonSec Peter Down at before 1st June.