Technical Stuff

Ton Class


Net Weight: 360 tons Length: 152 ft
Gross Weight: 425 tons Beam: 28 ft
Load: 65 tons Draught: 8 ft


Performance & Propulsion:

Range: 2300 nm @ 13 kts
Propulsion: 2 x Mirrlees Diesels @ 2500 hp, retrofitted with 2 x Deltic diesels @ 3000 hp
Speed: 15 kts






4 officers & 25 Ratings 5 officers & 33 Ratings 5 officers & 25 Ratings






1 x Type 1006 navigation radar

1 x Echo sounder 1 x Type 193 Mine hunting sonar
1 x Mine avoiding sonar 1 x Echo sounder
1 x Mine avoiding sonar






1 x 40 mm Bofor(40/60) L/70 AA

1 x 40 mm Bofor (40/60) L/70 GP

2 x 40 mm Bofors L/70
1 x twin 20 mm Oerlikon AA 2 x 7.62 mm GPMG
Mine sweeping equipment: Mine hunting equipment:

Divers (6), Sweeping gear towed behind ship using floats “Oropesas” & “Algerines”, weights, Otters, Kites, and T mk 8 explosive cutters. Decoys can be used to camouflage gear. Mines are either detonated by sweeping gear or brought to the surface and sunk by gunfire or destroyed by divers.

Acoustic, Magnetic and influence sweeps also carried.  


1 x Gemini Semi-Rigid boat 1 x Gemini Semi-Rigid boat 1 x SeaRider Semi-Rigid boat


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  1. Re Ships Boats. The Tons were initially supplied with a 16ft SMB (Slow Motor Boat), which was clinker built and powered by a single cylinder, 10 HP Enfield engine, speed 6kts. They were open boats but i seem to remember that a small collapsible canvass canopy was supplied to be rigged f’w’d. However, in Appleton 1968/9, we had a Dell Quay Dory powered by a Johnson 40.
    Regards, Ken H.

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