Uckers Competition 2017

Normally held in the dockyard Portsmouth, and always well supported, this is the first time its been hosted by Gosport, and unfortunately , by the museums own admission , it hasn’t been advertised enough, however ‘PUSSERS RUM’ are now sponsoring it (this relates to the November 2016 event).

Next year the 2017  competition will be very well advertised, and with ‘PUSSERS RUM’ providing a ceramic limited edition litre of rum, and a trophy, we are sure it will appeal to all serving and ex-naval personnel. We have 10 pairs at the moment, but I’m sure with a  plug on your website, it would help swell numbers.

 I know it’s short notice but I do hope you can help to promote the tournament in 2017 when the whole advertising campaign has been agreed with’ pussers rum’and the dockyard/museum.

My contact numbers which you may  put on the email , or website    07747173944   02392466883

Regards Wally Blagden  ex CPO OPS R ……….. and well known ‘timber shifter’