2016 Reunion

The 2016 TCA Reunion

The 2016 TCA Reunion was held at the Toorak Hotel, Torquay who did us proud. The accommodation, food, service and facilities were excellent. Our guest speaker was our President due to him mixing up dates, confusing the original speaker and having to pay the price. Two trips to Devon in a week – nice one President. A selection of photographs follow (courtesy of Rob Hoole for the majority).

2016-10-15 18.30.29

The President Rear Admiral John Lippiett CB CBE DL and his wife Jenny with AB (D) Sean Esson and partner

We also had the pleasure of the company of Lt Lucy O’Callaghan, Ops Officer, who is talking to our Hon. Sec. Peter Down with Cdr Neil ‘Nobby’ Hall looking on. Both service representatives are currently on HMS ATHERSTONE

2016-10-15 18.29.01

IMG_5527 IMG_5528 Our guest from HMS ATHERSTONE at work

Tot Time Tot Time. Rum Rats to muster. 2016-10-15 19.20.13Hands to Dinner

 Presidents Address  2016-10-15 21.13.25                                                 The TCA Presidents Address & presentation to Jenny Lippiett

JS Present 01       Ann Soanes    John Soanes receiving a gift from the association marking his 22 years as our chairman. Also Ann his wife showing the small token of our appreciation for all the support she has given.

Yorkies 07    The ‘White Rose’ branch of the TCA (please note that their visas & passports were checked before they were allowed south of the Thames).