Alfriston M1103


M 1103

Fishery Protection Duties

ALFRISTON had been previously commissioned as HMS WARSASH (R.N.R.Solent) and HMS KILMOREY (R.N.R. Ulster) before being given her final name on the 3rd March 1976.

Ship:  HMS ALFRISTON               Pennant No. M1103

Laid Down: 17 Aug 51                     Built by:  John I Thornycroft, Woolston

Completed: 16 Mar 54                   Time to Build:  31 Months

Commissioned:                               1st May 1954For 101st Minesweeping Squadron base Southampton as WARSASH

Years Fully Operational:                29 – All with RNR

Outline of Operational Career:      May 54-Jun 60 As HMS WARSASH,     based Southampton

                                                      July 60-Dec 75 Renamed HMS KILMOREY, based Belfast

                                                      January 79-Jun 85 Reverted to ALFRISTON, based Southampton       

Significant Events:                         May/June 82 RNR Deployment to Gibraltar & Lisbon

                                                       May 84 RNR Deployment to Gibraltar & Lisbon

Paid Off: June 85                           Disposal:  27 Nov 88 Sold to Brugse Scheepssloperij for Break up   


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  1. hi
    Just been reading Alfriston service history and it is stated all service was with RNR .I would just like to point out that I served on her after she was handed over from RNR to the Fishery Protection squadron,and i never served in a RNR unit, also she was based in Rosyth dockyard. This is before she was paid off .

    Andrew Perry

  2. Hello
    I was interested to find the information about HMS Alfriston. As a reservist, I remember training in the Ton-class HMS Warsash in 1967, but the outline of operational service indicates that HMS Alfriston was HMS Kilmorey at that time. I seem to recall that there was quite a bit of chopping and changing connected with RNR tenders; so, was the Warsash of 1967 previously Alfriston or was another Ton-class bearing the name Warsash in the 60s?
    Best wishes
    David Healy

    • David,
      A quick look at our records show that HMS WARSASH was in fact HMS BOULSTON from 1962 to 1969.
      Not all of our ships histories are complete but we do hold fairly good records of the ship during this period. Please let me know if you would like more but be aware that I am out of office quite a lot later this week and half of the next.

      Best wishes

  3. Ref above comment of Bob Dean regarding the name of the ship, I was in RNR whilst at Southampton University 64-67, and she was certainly called HMS Warsash then, and based at Southampton. We went to the Channel Islands to drop off detergent to cope with the Torrey Canyon disaster. Is there an Association of any kind? Happy for ayone to contact me on

  4. I served on HMS ALFRISTON Able Seaman November 1976 – August 1977 based at Rosyth
    Fishery Protection.
    I’m looking for photos and other information about Afriston between the tie I served on her.
    Best ship I served on.

  5. My father Lt Cmdr Peter Eden served on her in the early 60s I think.

  6. I had the good fortune to sail briefly on Alfriston in June 1977 as a Cadet Leading Seaman. I, and either one or two Cadet ABs (sadly I forget now if it was one or two and who they were) travelled up overnight by train from London to Rosyth about a week before the 1977 Fleet Review at Spithead. The train journey itself was quite an experience, since Scotland just beaten England at Wembley and the train was absolutely packed with very happy (and generally very drunk) Scottish football fans, with people sleeping on the floor, vomiting out of windows, and so on! The spectacle of a glorious June dawn breaking over the North Sea as the train followed the coast was memorable.

    We boarded Alfriston at Rosyth and sailed under the Froth Bridges and down the East coast to Spithead in company with HMS Brinton, with both putting into Newhaven for fuel. I can remember that when we arrived at Spithead, we picked up our mooring buoy perfectly, but Brinton had more trouble and I remember her bumping us pretty hard – we just had time to get a number of rattan fenders out and no damage was done to either vessel.

    If I recall correctly there were two other ‘Tons’ from the Fisheries Protection Squadron. at the 1977 Fleet Review.

    If memory serves me right I and the other cadets were working “watch and watch” for the voyage and found it pretty hard work, but very enjoyable. I distinctly remember that the entire ship’s company went out of their way to make us welcome and show us as much of the ship and shipboard life as possible. I can remember being on watch on the bridge, being on the wheel, learning to use the Decca navigation system, and particularly the engine room with its spectacular Napier Deltics. At some point and for some reason I now forget, we were also out in the ships Gemini RIB. All great fun at the time, and the memories live on. Sadly we had to leave the ship before the actual Fleet Review.

    One thing is puzzling me, however, and that is my memory is telling me that Alfriston in June 1977 still had an open bridge, and was possibly the last British warship to have one. I am absolutely certain that I remember a night watch on the open bridge and remember thinking at the time that it was the end of an era that had started with the first Ironclad, and being pleased to have – just- the chance to experience it. I cannot find any information to say when Alfriston gained the enclosed bridge, and I cannot find any photos with positive dates to give a clue. So am I losing my marbles, or is my recollection correct? Did Alfriston still have the open bridge in 1977?

    If any of the ship’s company from June 1977 is reading this, please accept a belated thanks for your hospitality!


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