HMS Manxman


M 70/N 70

Entering Harbour

MANXMAN was converted from a fast minelayer to a minesweeping support ship in 1960. This took two years and on completion she sailed for the Far East to relieve Woodbridge Haven. She finally returned to Portsmouth in 1968 to become a training ship. She was scrapped in 1972.

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  1. I get very annoyed when so–called Historians etc, state that Manx spent her time during the Borneo Confrontation on the wall in Singers. WE DIDN’T not up to May ’65 , when I came at any rate. The only time we failed to do a Patrol was when some Rivets fell out, One of the Darings had to relieve us. From the time we arrived on station we were always out doing patrols . We claimed the title of “Flitting Grey Ghost of the Borneo Coast”, early ’64. I don’t care what they called Albion, I don’t ever remember seeing her, perhaps she was further out!

    Anyway I’ve had me rant, so I will wish you all well and Goodnight. John Lillywhite Mech 3 to Mech 1 on Manx Feb ’63 to May ’65

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