HMS Corbrae

Corbrae Badge

FY 1951

2 oct 1946

Leaving Malta

1,788 tons and built in 1935, she was requisitioned for the RN, and later purchased in 1940 as a Mine Destructor Vessel (MDV) within M/S 3. She was used as a stop-gap measure for combating magnetic mines, along with 9 other ships of the type (plus 2 non-engined). She was armed with 8 x 20mm guns on single mountings and fitted with a 300-ton electro-magnet in her bow to set off any magnetic mines near to the ship. Structural damage became a frequent happening. In 1944 she was re-designated ‘Repair Ship’ and was sent for disposal in November 1946.

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  1. Is there anymore information on this when it was used by the RN? My Great Grandfather served on what I think may have been HMS Corbrae, I’m just interested in the history of it more.


  2. My father, Norman Robson, served on HMS Corbrae around 1946-47. Would love to know if there is anyone around who remembers him and their time on the ship.

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