HMS Vernon



Dress Ship for the Coronation & Fleet Review 1953

The ‘Royals‘ doing what the Royals do best


VERNON was the home of minesweeping and diver training in the South of England for many years. She was also the base for the ‘VERNON’ Squadron of sweepers. She finally closed her doors in the 1990’s and in now a shopping centre serving the Portsmouth area. Coming soon at Gunwharf Quays

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  1. I joined Vernon from the 2MCM (Lewiston) on 17 Dec 73 and was in charge of the main signal office until 10 Jan 77, when I was drafted to Tiger.
    During my time at Vernon I completed my POLC at Royal Arthur course 1352 (from 7 Nov 74 – 12 Dec 74).

  2. I joined “Vernon” as ships company in 1957 as an EM from HMS Kenya. among the duties I carried out was. battery king in the electrical workshop, then setting up games in the torpedo attack teacher. Got married in February 1958, then in September was drafted to HMS Exmouth and worked with the submarine flotilla from Faslane
    Was recently chairman of HMS Kenya Association which has now had to de-commission due to age and health related issues of our few remaining members.

    • Hi Dennis,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      As an ex Vernon ships company member you qualify for associate membership. We have a great association with circa 1300 members world wide. We produce a professional bi-monthly magazine which is either posted as a hard copy or one can receive it electronically.
      We have area social events plus national meetings. Our AGM and reunion is to be held the weekend after next at Southport which is always a most enjoyable event. Next year it will be held at Torquay.
      Think about joining us, a membership application form can be printed off this site or get back to me and I will get a hard copy off to you.
      Best wishes

    • Lynda macdonald

      Hi I am trying to trace my father all I know of him is that he served with HMS Veron around 1958/59 if you could help I would be so grateful.

      Kind regards


    • Good morning Lynda,
      I have looked at our membership list but the only ‘Rose’ does not fit your description. Have you any knowledge as to his rank and what branch your father served in. If you can provide any further information I will post a message more prominently on to this site.
      Good luck

  3. His name is William(bill) Rose

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