The Final Demise of HMS Iveston

Report & Photos courtesy of Sam Cook & Jan Harvey

Back in February Sam and I, after hearing that Ivy was being scrapped, had heard that some people had been contacting the scrapyard for parts of this fine old lady, but without success.
Having both served on her, me as buffer from 70 to 74 and Sam as bosun from 81 to 82 thought that we would like some mementos also. So we put our heads together and decided to go about it properly.
Initially Sam made contact by phone and later myself through writing. Eventually our patience paid off and in March were invited to E.M.R.’s yard were we met with the general manager and were shown round what little remained of the Iveston
Nothing much happened over the next 3 months but we persevered and kept in contact by phone and by letter. I sent a photo of Ivy in her prime and a brief outline of her career.
Again our patience paid off and yesterday were invited back to the yard to meet the general manager and to find out what was happening.
Iveston is, sadly no more. Nothing remains of her, but we were presented with 3 masthead lights, a small quantity of wooden hull. Also we received the bridge Pelorus compass and the master compass from the Gyro Room.
Our thanks to E.M.R and in particular to Mark and Peter for their help.
E.M.R have asked that no further contact be made with the yard because as previously mentioned there is nothing left of Iveston apart from shredded metal.

Compass & Jan Compass & Sam








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