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3 Responses to Contact us

  1. Morning Gary,
    Thanks for the info. I never thought to look on here for your e-mail address. Time I was put out to grass.
    Have I your permission please to forward this to Dennis Cook our membership secretary so that he can up-date the membership list ?

    Many thanks

  2. Hi Bob,
    Sorry for not spotting that you run this as well as the Facebook page.
    Yes. Please forward my email address as requested. Although I’m very surprised that it’s not yet public knowledge, as Dennis was notified as part of my membership application back in two-thousand and something!

    Time you were put out to grass? – I don’t think so!
    One volunteer being better than ten pressed men etc., and you do seem to be making a rather splendid job of it!

    Really surprised that this communication didn’t automatically generate an email to notify me that a response had been made.
    Perhaps that’s one for the Webmaster and a future backroom update!

    Many thanks.

    Yours Aye,
    Gary Daisley

    • Good morning Gary and many thanks for your kind words. I will update Dennis as it may just be a bit of finger trouble. i will also ask him for an up-to-date copy. I do know that he recently had a catastrophic problem with his PC.
      Hadn’t thought about an automatic response so something to think about. Sounds like a good idea to me.

      Best wishes

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