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  1. My dad was on HMS Wasperton, we were in Hong Kong 1972-1974. He was a stoker I recall and his name was Michael Smith (actually George Michael Clifford Smith) does anyone remember him/us?

    • David,
      Thanks for contacting us. I will try and draw attention to your request and hope someone turns up who remembers your dad.

      Best wishes


    • I was on the Wasperton from 73-74. His name rings a bell but my memory isn’t too good. My name is Dave Press and I was an LCEM.

    • Memory loss is a common problem for a lot of us now David. You are not alone.
      Best wishes

    • hi, as you were on wasperton 73/74 do you remember Derek (Paddy) Grainger. I’ve been trying to contact him but have had no success

  2. I was a stoker on the ‘waspie’ in ’72/’73. Others were ‘Brum’ Butler and ‘Shiner’ Wright. Chief stokes was Phil Davis. POME’s were ‘Topsy’ Turner and ‘Spike’ Miligan. ‘Smudger’ Smith was acting L/MEM. I used to baby sit when he and his wife went out.

    • Hi Lofty,
      Thanks for contacting us. I will place the names you have supplied into the ‘Ships Company’ records for future reference.
      I also used to baby sit for our PO Greenie whenever we were in Malta. Cost him a tot or three when we went back on Cyprus patrol.
      Happy days.
      Any pictures, press cutting and/or dits would be most welcome.
      Best wishes

  3. I beg forgiveness for a fading memory…. it’s called old age you know !
    The Pome’s in my time on Waspy were Topsy Turner and Spike Faulkner, not Miligan. Doh!
    The Skipper was Lt Cmr Gavin

  4. Would you believe I have a tee shirt with the logo
    HMS. Wasperton and it still fits me from 1975
    I was on the Chichester and did some relief work onboard the Wasperton

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