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The late Jack Worth MBE founded the Association launched on January 1st 1987 and commissioned on August 28th 1987 at HMS NELSON, Portsmouth. The qualifying time for full membership is at least one 24 hour period at sea on a Ton.


The Association has been formed to:-

a). Bring together in mutual friendship those who have served in ships of the Ton Class and thereafter to support each other as necessary.

b). Enable members to keep in touch with each other by means of a regular newsletter, and through regular meetings and social occasions.

c). Maintain links with the Royal Navy and other appropriate organizations.

d). Maintain a historical and photographic record of each or the 118 ships of the class, accessible to the membership and other interested organizations.


Full Membership is available to all Officers and Ratings, serving or retired, including those in the Reserve, who have served in a Ton Class ship for a period of 24 hours at sea or longer at any time since 1953. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is open to those who have worked on shore staffs in support of ‘Ton’ Class ships or squadrons, or ashore in Reserve Training Centres. Total membership at the time of writing is in excess of 1,200 (worldwide).


The Annual Subscription for FULL and ASSOCIATE Membership is £15-00. For this sum you will receive six copies of the Associations Bi-monthly newsletter, you will also be eligible to attend social activities arranged by the Association, and make use of the services offered to members as these become available. Subscriptions are renewable annually from the date of joining. Life membership is also available at £100-00


The Newsletter (TON TALK)  is a Bi- monthly publication and aims to keep the membership informed of the development of the Association and historical information of general interest to members. There is also a stimulating letters features, updated membership list and where possible reviews of new books, videos, etc. Please Note ! You can receive Ton Talk electronically which will save the association postage & packing costs which are mounting year on year. To take advantage of this facility please inform Dennis Cook on or Peter Down on


The Association is collating a detailed history of each ship in the class, both actual and anecdotal. Even if you are uncertain about joining us, we would very much welcome material for this record, including photographs, press cuttings, ships programs (dates of visits and operations) and any other information about the ‘Ton’ Class ship in which you have served.


HRH the Prince of Wales is the Association’s Patron who in October 1998 held an initial reception for a number of members at St James’s Palace, London. Two further reception have since taken place.

The Association is recognized by the Royal Navy and is a member of the Conference Of Naval Associations (CONA


If you are on e-mail why not look at our Web Site on this site includes just about everything you need to know about us, up dated news, history, membership on line etc.


These are held annually and alternate between a northern and southern venue. They are usually held during the month of October. This event is very popular which is attended by up to circa 300 members & partners. In 2014 the Annual Reunion will be held at The Toorak Hotel Torquay. Full details are published in the Association’s magazine.

ENCLOSURES (see links above)

a.)   Standing Order Mandate Form.It would be appreciated if you would seriously consider payment of subscriptions by this method. All we ask is that you complete the form and return same with your Application  Form the the membership secretary.  

b.)   Upon receipt of your Application Form the Membership Secretary will forward your Membership Card and the latest edition of ‘Ton Talk’

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  1. Hi David,
    HMS Dingley M2001 built by J Samuel White. Served on Home Station as Clearance Diving Team Tender from 1954 to 1960. Put up for disposal 1967 and sold to Pounds ship-breakers at Portsmouth 1968. I had a commission on the Broomley M2007 when she was re-named HMS Watchful and became part of the Fishery Protection Squadron.

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