NB Jufair

HMS Jufair 2018

A new UK Support facility has recently been built in Bahrain and is to be named HMS JUFAIR. The UKMCC HQ, which has responsibility for the move into Jufair & the running of the facility, would like to combine the old with the new ensuring that the rich history of the previous HMS Jufair is fully recognised within the new establishment site.

The current team working at the new site are aware that there was a significant MCM (TON CLASS) presence in Bahrain during the previous Jufair era and are keen to display this on site. Any members who would be willing to donate any item of memorabilia or photos (which can be copied) and dits of their time in the gulf are requested to get in touch with me. ************************************

HMS Jufair during ‘Ton Class’ time

Minor repair work could be undertaken by the maintenance teams at Jufair and for anything more, (dry-docking etc) ships used to sail round to HMS Sheba in Aden. Sheba was quite a good base and was always much preferred as a run ashore than Jufair. The frigates, (Loch Class and Tribal class) did minor maintenance in Jufair but the LST’s etc used to have to go all the way to Malta for their refits.

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