HMS Diligence



‘DILIGENCE’ was the home of the Minesweeper Reserve Fleet at Hythe, from 1953 to 1963. All the new ‘TON’ Class minesweepers built, were sent there prior to acceptance into the Fleet, or put on ‘Operational Stand-By’ and covered with a wooden roof (see picture). They were then moored in the ‘Trot’ in groups of four, two alongside each other and two alongside the bows of the other two. This allowed one generator to power 4 vessels if need be.

Diligence Slip Way 02



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  1. It was at Hythe where we paid HMS Dilston off and commisssioned HMS Stubbington under thecommand of Lt J Cox

  2. I have one memory of Hythe be berthed on end of jetty with HMS Dilston to pay off, went into the first hanger and was amazed to see it was full of MTBs
    all on cradles something i did not expect, wealso commissioned the HMS Stubbington there both commanded by Lt J Cox

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