Shore Bases


RN Dockyard Chatham, not a Ton base as per Vernon & others but played a significant role in the life of certain ships.





Cochrane, Rosyth, Opened 1938 - Closed 31st March 1996



Diligence, Hythe, Southampton, Opened 1953, Minesweeping Base, Closed 30th April 1963




Lochinvar, South Queensferry, Scotland, Opened 1891, Closed December 1975



The old and the new HMS JUFAIR. Click on link below to learn more about the new facility.


Sheba, Aden, Opened 1940, Closed 29th November 1967



Tamar, Hong Kong, Opened 1945, Closed 10th April 1997



Vernon, Portsmouth, Opened 1923, Closed 1st April 1996


Malta Naval Base

Malta Naval Base

3 Responses to Shore Bases

  1. There is no mention of Malta as a shore base. Msida Creek had minesweeper shore-based facilities, with HMS Ausonia as the parent ship. These facilities moved to HMS St. Angelo in 1964 when Msida was closed. I presume this was closed after Malta got independence in 1964, but was still open when I left in Dec ’64.

    • Hi Oldtiffie,
      Thanks for getting in touch.I think this has been discussed prior to my taking over the website. What I need to do is to get our researcher to have a look at any log books concerning the Ausonia etc. If my memory is correct I believe the argument was that St Angelo was never officially declared a minesweeper shore base. I will look into it after my return from the TCA reunion. If you have any supporting evidence I would be grateful if you could e-mail it to me.

      Best wishes

  2. Thanks Bob. If I have anything it will be in boxes down in the basement, but it’s always fun to reopen them! Ausonia was also the submarine depot ship, and Msida Base was never a commissioned shore base. However, it does seem sad that the Malta-based Tons (101st and then the 7th I believe) don’t have their shore support staff recognized, as we looked after six boats, and were stalwarts of the Mediterranean NATO sweepex’s. Anyway, thanks for looking into it and enjoy the reunion. I think I was too short a time attached to Tons to really be a serious member, but I do enjoy the camaraderie that exists on this site and FaceBook, and which I found subsequently in subs as well. Tom Mayfield.

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