Tons, Inshores & Support Vessels

Ton Class

TON CLASS Minesweepers/Hunters



Ham Class

HAM CLASS Minesweepers


Ley Class

LEY CLASS Minesweepers


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Support Vessels

Minesweeper/Hunter Support Vessels


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  1. Whilst I only did a short spell on Bronnington during Granada Patrol era I was impressed by its ship shape turn out not long after HRH had given over Command.
    I had the opportunity of a brief discussion with HRH P of Wales Sister, the Princess Royal when she inquired about my background. I informed her I was a former reservist and had in fact served a short time on her brothers old ship. Reply with a smile “Oh those little Grey Ones”! Gave me quite a chuckle & raised her even higher in my opinion.
    I feel it’s very sad to see her listing & rotting. Get her docked and dried out then add to the Maritime museum ships at Portsmouth. Being Wood it can be replaced where needed due to rot, simple shipwright work. With the hull sorted it can then be conserved over time. Has no-one thought to put a lid over her? Yes there is a price to be found but fair schemes seem to get support. If not Bronnington is there a better candidate to preserve of this special class?

    • Malcolm many thanks for contacting us and your interesting dit.
      I also had a brief conversation with the Princes Royal. I pointed out that I belonged to the TCA and she rolled her eyes and said ‘some people think they are very uncomfortable little ships’. Oh dear.
      As for saving the Bron. This subject has been debated long and over many years. We, the TCA, and others from top man/men to those who served on her all say she can be saved. Regrettably not. We tried very hard but due to ownership but mainly due to cost it was and is not possible. It would take millions to preserve her and millions to maintain her. She is a constructive loss and the only reason she is still afloat is due to constant pumping and legal arguments.

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