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Walkway Update

Since the end of November 2015 the Mary Rose Museum has been closed, with only a mini exhibition and film available to our visitors. During this period, we’ve had nearly 9,000 visitors, and according to our surveys they’ve all gone away satisfied, but even so, they still ask “What’s going on in the museum?”
The rest of the museum hasn’t been sitting idle though, our Contractors Como have been working hard at preparing the galleries for the removal of the hotbox walls in preparation of our new visitor experience, while maintaining the stable environment the ship needs. Obviously, we can’t let you go into the work are so we’ve prepared a gallery of images, showing you how it’s changed since we closed our doors. 

The Main Deck Context Gallery currently has the walls being stripped down, revealing the hotbox wall behind it. This will also be removed. The context galleries are sealed off at both ends, so that when the walls do eventually come down, they’ll maintain the internal environment, ensuring that the ship is not harmed.

While Como are being extremely careful with their work, accidents could happen. Just in case, they’ve put up boards around the display cases, protecting them from any knocks that might happen while moving scaffolding and material from the hotbox. 

MR Gallery J02 The Lower Deck Context Gallery, where scaffolding and hoardings currently dominate what was once (and will be again) a wide visitor walkway.

MR Gallery J03 The Upper Deck Context Gallery, where work begins on removing the flying buttresses that held up the roof in the hotbox. Once completed, you’ll be able to walk through an airlock and into the same space as the ship, boasting unrivalled views of the hull.

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Ringing in the Changes

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The Trust is delighted to announce the appointment of Como as the main contractor for Phase 2 of the Mary Rose Museum project. Over the next several months leading to Summer 2016, the Mary Rose Trust will be working with Como to complete the next phase of Museum development. This exciting chapter will see an extraordinary transformation in visitor experience. The walls that currently separate visitors from the ship will be replaced with floor-to-ceiling glazing to provide unrestricted views of the hull from bow to stern in all nine galleries and on all three levels.

For the first time since she was raised visitors will also be able to share the same space as the hull, entering the upper deck through an airlock, allowing visitors to experience the full splendour and magnitude of The Mary Rose.

Helen Bonser-Wilton (right in picture above), Chief Executive of the Mary Rose Trust said “This presents an extraordinary opportunity to turn the ‘wreck’ of The Mary Rose back into the living ship that Henry VIII knew and loved.”

Work began on 5th October with the introduction of the contractors compound and important changes to the hotbox. Como has a history of working with a range of clients including Google, Royal Mail, Burberry and Nike offering a wealth of experience and expertise to the project. Over the coming months, Como will finally remove the hotbox and the old ‘temporary’ shiphall structure and install floor-to-ceiling glazing and a new airflow system for the hull.

Robert Lapraik, Deputy Chief Executive and Project Co-Ordinator said “Como brings an impressive track record to this complex and completely unique fit-out. We look forward to working with them on the next chapter in The Mary Rose’s history.”

Darran Brand, Project Director for Como said: “…this project is unlike anything Como has done previously. There are some unique challenges to overcome, but we have an exceptional team and a strong partnership with the Mary Rose Trust to ensure a fantastic end result.”


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Mary Rose Museum Award

Mary Rose Museum was the only UK museum to receive ‘Special Commendation’ following the European Museum of the Year Award 2015 announcement

Following the announcement of the European Museum of the Year 2015, held 16th May 2015, the Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth, UK received a special commendation and the only one for a UK museum. The Mary Rose Museum, regarded as one of the six best museums in Europe, was second out of five special commendations granted.

Mary rose Award Picture

Alongside the special commendations were the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands that won the European Museum of the Year award 2015 with The Familistere at Guise, France and The International Red Cross & Red Crescent Museum, Geneva, Switzerland winning The Silletto Prize 2015 and The Kenneth Hudson Award 2015 respectively.

The Mary Rose Museum, opened on the 31 May 2013 at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, was the only UK museum to be commended, The European Museum of the Year 2015 awarded the Mary Rose Museum for its ‘beautifully designed building which accommodates the restored warship, and its valuable educational and inclusive outreach programmes, The nature of its conservation and scientific research makes the museum a leader in the world of maritime archaeology and a laboratory for the rescue of organic material from underwater sites. The exceptional way in which it presents this to the public sets a new standard for museums of its kind’.

Rear Admiral John Lippiett, Chief Executive Mary Rose Trust said, ‘To be commended as one of five museums for the European Museum of the Year 2015 is one of the highest accolades we could achieve, and the Mary Rose is hugely grateful for this prestigious recognition. I am aware of the enormous amount of effort that has gone into bringing the project to this stage. Exploration for the wreck started 50 years ago, and the excavation laid down news standards of maritime archaeology. The conservation of the ship and her 19,000 artefacts has been exceptionally demanding, All this effort has resulted in a stunning museum in the heart of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, where the Mary Rose sits in a state-of-the-art museum some 20 yards from where she was built over 500 years ago. Commended as the only UK Museum, the European Museum of the Year recognition will raise our profile yet higher and help us as we continue to develop the museum and yet more artefacts’.

The European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA), organised by the European Museum Forum (EMF), was presented at the 2015 Award Ceremony hosted by Riverside Museum in Glasgow. The award scheme celebrated 38 years and the gala ceremony this year was attended by over 200 people from 29 European countries.


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