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10 Responses to Support

  1. Hi I cannot find details of my account with you, I may have changed my email address since my last log on to you.also am not too sure of my user name think it could be blue card Tanky?
    Billy Venus. Ex Bildeston.

    • Billy I have just approved your latest registration under the following details: –
      you should be able to access the site now. Any problems please let me know.

      Best wishes

  2. Registered on the TCA site on attempting to log in states it needs updating by admin person,,,,sorry if I am jumping the gun but will it take long to get access Thank you Ray Stevens

    • Ray I have just, 11.45 Sunday 4th October, approved your request and others.
      Thank you for joining us and apologies for delay.

      Best wishes

  3. Hi,Bob can you tell me why I keep getting constantly annoying adverts on line and would you know how to get rid of them.Regards Rod.

    • Rod the short answer is NO. Even though I have supposedly blocked Pop Up adverts I am getting one appearing every time I bring up a site on my PC. I intend to seek further advice and if I find out what to do I will post it.


  4. Hi Bob I’m trying to register but nothing comes back to my email address

    • Barry sorry to hear you are having trouble registering.
      I have just had a look/search and can find no trace of your name, e-mail address or registration.
      Would you be kind enough to re-visit the Home page and try again. I will keep a look out for you.


  5. Hi Bob, It’s certainly been a few years since I’ve been on site and probably not far off being an original member but I’ve just come back – with more time on my hands – and registered/(re-registered). I find that many things have changed on site but I expect I will get used to that even with my minimal (postage stamp sized knowledge of technology and computing). My concern is – do I need to fill in an on-line application form? Also how do I make my annual subscription? And if still on record, do I still have an original membership number?
    Best Regards ~ Dave (Potts) ~ (Burnaston ’66/’67)

    • Dave firstly my sincere apologies for the unacceptable delay in replying. I had a glitch and then forgot to do anything about it.
      I have just checked my current membership list copy and see that you are not on it. Is it too late to ask you to have another go?
      Can I suggest you contact Dennis Cook who is our membership secretary and have a chat with him. His e-mail address is
      His contact details can be found on the Committee page of this website.

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