Ships Company Gallery

A selection of Ship Company photographs. Let us have yours, with names, location & dates if possible, for the archives. Additionally if you can identify names, locations & dates of any the photographs displayed please get in contact.


HMS Curzon – Eric Camps


HMS Dittisham February 1969 Photo courtesy of Carl Graham

Back Row L – R L/Sea Conrad Utting, L/Cook “Sharky” Ward, LWEM “Paddy” Thompson, AB Nick ? Back Row L – R CPO Cox’n “Raggy” Naylor, LMEM Fred ? , Lt John “Blossom” Bloom, PO1(G) Carl “Billy” Graham, POMEM “Chappy” Chapel. Front Row L – R MEM1 Knocker” White, AB John “Grinty” Grint, RO1(T) Peter Thompson

Picture 01 Ships Company 28-02-58 Chatham 1st Commissioning Crew Belton

HMS BELTONChatham 28-02-1958 First Commission

Picture 02 hms wilton Courtesy of Sam Cook


Picture 03 shav59 Alan reeves


Picture 04 Wilkieston SC Singapore 62

HMS WILKIESTON Singapore 1962

Picture 05 Abdiel 1980 Abdiel 1980

Picture 06 Aden_1963-Chilcompton_commissioning Aden 1963 Chilcompton Commissioning

Picture 07 Aldington - no date Aldington

Picture 08 Appleton Commissioning Appleton Commissioning

Picture 09 Ashton date pending Ashton – date pending

Picture 10 HMS Wolverton 1974_ Lt Cdr David Forsey Sohks Wolverton 1974 Lt Cdr David Forsey – SOHKS

Picture 11 Santon Crew Santon

Picture 12 1984-From-HMS-Gavinton Gavinton 1984 – Suez ?

Picture 13 1956-57 footy team Cyprus Football Team 1956/7 Cyprus

Picture 14

Unknown Ships Company 21st June to 6th July 1968. We have now heard from TCA Member Mike Donoyou that the crew shown here are predominantly RNR London Division & the ship is HMS Dufton possibly taken during a visit to Amsterdam.

Dilston SC Aug 57 Yaxham SC Dilston ships company run ashore 1957  and Yaxham ships company both courtesy of Tony Claxton

Calton Aden 66-67 John Ludlam Calton Aden SC Names John Ludlam Calton pictures courtesy of TCA Member John ‘Taff’ Ludlam. Back Row: Makine, Charlton, Carling, Fisher, Padgeham, Marsh, Hutchinson, Jackson & MaCaver. Mid Rows: Dennis, John Ludlam, Aston, Mold, Oldham, Rosser, White, Anderson, Yates, Shove, Jones, Collins, Andrews, Reader, Gooding, Mazeo, Childs & Halls. Front Row: Abdi, Sheldon, Dais, Dais, Edwards, Gray (apologies for any misspelt)


maryton HMS MARYTON, 1966 with ships dogs Herbert & Charlie. Singapore 6th MSS. Courtesy of Sam Cook.

 Soberton 1991 ish at Rosyth Unknown source

HMS Pollington – date, location & names please.

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  1. Alan,
    Thanks for contacting us.
    The pictures seen on the ships company page are just representative of our collection. I placed them there so as to show viewers that I had started to populate the page. As time allows I will be adding further items from the archive. New ships company photos continue to arrive as witnessed by one today of an RNR crew of HMS Kilikrankie. Watch this space.

    Best wishes


  2. Bob,
    I think photo of HMS Ashton must have been taken shortly before I joined in Malta 13th February 1966. She was 7th MCMS based at St Angelo. I recognize “Bagsey” Baker, Leading Seaman. Joe Formosa who was Maltese serving in the RN, who finished his time whilst onboard. At least two others who I served with, Dave and “Bow”. Sorry I can’t remember their surnames. I think the Captains name was Bill ——– who played polo. We presented him with a polo stick when he left the ship. Hope this helps.

    • Godfrey Avery

      Hi Bob I’m sure Buster is right in the time frame as I joined Ashton 19 June 1967 “Bagsey” Baker was still there then as well as sweeps the dog and his handler an ME I cann’t remember his name.
      Regards Geof Avery (EM1 on board)

    • Thanks Geof. Lets see if Buster gets back and replies to this.
      Best wishes

  3. Hi Bob, Picture No12 of the guys off of the Gavington was taken at the mole at Akrotiri, Cyprus.
    Just in case no one else has mentioned it.

    • John many thanks for the information. Always a help especially when someone asks for a print of a certain Ton at a certain time at a certain place.
      Thanks again.


  4. Served on board the Shavington 1966/1967 was dog handler for “Chokka”(later drafted to HMS Rook when ship was put into reserve.)Wrote an article for the Ton Talk about Chokka and also about the annual reunion at Babacombe called the “Babbacombe Masacre”.Have since moved to Spain and have lost touch with the Ton Talk. Wish all old shipmate,s “all the bast”

    • Hi Tony,
      Picture of Chokka on the website. What year did your article appear as I have a copy of every edition of Ton Talk.
      Is your membership of the association lapsed? If so rejoin (forms available on this site). When a member you can either receive a hard copy of Ton Talk or an electronic version (samples also on this site).

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