Ships Dogs

We intend to display photographs of ships dogs. Any contributions will be welcome especially dits about these pets.


Scrumpy of HMS Appleton

Scrumpy & Oppo

Run Ashore at Aden

Pictures courtesy of RO2(T) Neil Morris (with my apologies for mislaying them)


“RUSTY” Ships Dog of HMS Maryton

‘Rusty’ with the football team of HMS Maryton 1962 when the ship was in refit and the ships company living at HMS Terror

Courtesy of Bill Platt bottom right


Here is a photo of “Hickleberry Hound” of HMNZS Hickleton during the Indonesian Confrontation. He was our mascot from 62 to 64 until he met his demise at the hands of a disgruntled L/S. Everyone knew what had been done but no action was taken due, probably, to lack of evidence. Regards Ernie Pope, LEM on the Hickleton from 63 to 64 ( 2nd commission).

Hickleton Ships Dog



Luck Beachampton HK 1980Luck‘ HMS Beachampton 1980

FlakersFlakers‘ Courtesy of Martin Slater

Ships Dog Flakers

‘Dit’ about ‘Flakers‘ of HMS Brinton 9th MCM Bahrain


 Askit Beachampton Bahrain 69 01 Askit Beachampton Bahrain 69 02 Askit Beachampton Bahrain 69 03

Askit“, Beachampton, Bahrain 1969

Hi All
I have the final photograph of ‘Askit’ from HMS Beachampton in Hong Kong before we had to take him to the Gurkha Barracks in the new territories because of the rabies laws. My brother in law was serving with them at the time (REME) and I would like to assure everyone that he was looked after and made their mascot. I missed him and so did everyone else. When we went to sea he used to take up station in the wheelhouse. We used to take it in turns to take him home with us to our married quarters at the weekends. He was sadly missed from the ship but the law was the law.
Ian (Jimmy Green) ex Leading Seaman.


More ‘Askit’

I have at last got round to sorting out the pictures I have of ‘Askit’ on board HMS Beachampton.
The picture of the ship’s crew was taken at the end of 1969 – beginning of 1970 (I am 3rd from left, middle row).
One of the pictures shows me holding Askit on the dock just after he got back from the vets after being run over in Dubai.
Regards David Pearce
ex Leading Seaman on Board HMS Beachampton.

Askit of Beachampton 0102 03 04


Dumbo & Dave Spurling Dumbo & Friend D Spurling

Dumbo” with Dave Spurling & Friend


Fenton Ships dog Muffy D NormanMuffy” HMS FENTON, Courtesy of D Norman


comordores inspection gulf 1971.jpg sam and hass wiston

hass up the gulf..samHass” & Sam Cook, HMS WISTON 9th MS Squadron 1970/71 Gulf. Hass loved his run ashore where he was usually treated to steak & milk. It is thought that he died after eating something during his wanderings on the jetty. He was buried with full ceremony behind the accommodation block in Jufair.

pilot and sam yarton pilot yarnton ...samPilot” with Sam Cook, HMS YARNTON, Hong Kong Squadron 1972/73


Ships dog SippersSippers& with ‘Jacko’ DILSTON 1957 courtesy of Tony Claxton Jacko with Sippers Dilston 57


marytonHerbert” in the lifebuoy & “Charlie“. “Mary” another of the ships dogs had gone walkabout. Singapore 1965/66, 6th MSS “The Blackfoot Squadron“. Picture courtesy of Sam Cook.


Skipper HMS Highburton 1974SkipperHMS HIGHBURTON 1974 at Rosyth. Courtesy of Alan Thackray.

Chokka Shavington A Locke Leading Seaman Chokka longest serving member of HMS SHAVINGTON. Picture courtesy of Andrew Locke (if anyone has a better copy please forward)

And here is a slightly better picture of Chokka in his No 1s now “Two Badge Leading Dog Chokka” of HMS Shavington. Picture courtesy of John Lawler


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