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  1. Good morning all,
    I am a member of a Sea Shanty group called “The Molgoggers” and am endeavouring to locate a scrap molgogger . I commanded the Ton Class L.E. Grainne in 1976 which we commissioned from the R.N. in1973. Anybody interested in a copy of our CD titles “Maiden Voyage” please let me know.
    Best regards
    Patrick A Kavanagh Lt. Cdr. Rtd

  2. I am still looking for photographs of the Dogs that served with us in the Singapore squadron in 64-66 during the Indonesian confrontation.
    Please leave a message on website or send to my email

    Andy Clarkson (ex RO) ex Woolaston, Invermoriston, Puncheston

  3. I’m not sure if this is the best place to ask this question, but lets try. My old man’s memory is playing me up, I know I did a loan draft as Chief of the Boat to a minesweeper in early in 1980 I was transferred by jack stay from HMS Jersey in the Firth of Forth, (the Coxswain of Jersey was RPO Rattler Morgan, we had been stokers together on the Ark Royal). I cannot remember the name of the Sweeper, I know we went straight to Harlingen in Holland, and ended up back at St Vincent where I cooked for the families day BBQue. Does anyone recognise these circumstances?

  4. Just realised how daft I am getting, this boat I’m trying to remember the name of didn’t go to Harlingen in Holland, it went to Helsingor in Denmark, via Blyth in Northumberland.
    Harlingen was the first visit when I took over as COB of the Bronington.

  5. Dear Shipmate,
    Hopefully this is the link for an inquiry to the following below, my apologies if not?
    I wonder if you can help my quest proceed?
    I’m trying to trace four “Tons” that were built in the Dorset Yacht Company in Hamworthy Poole Dorset.
    I have managed to find 3 -: HMS Stratton, HMS Invermoriston & HMS Durweston. To date I have not managed to find the last ship although I have found that two were built in the UK for the South African Navy :- Windhoek M1498 & Durban M1499. Durban still serving as a floating museum. I have not been able to find any information for these two ships re their build etc. Can you please advise if one of these two ships could be the missing one, built in Dorset yacht Company with any relevant information on their build?

    Thanks in anticipation. Gordon Guthrie

  6. Hello
    In my parents collection I have found a photo of M1104 with a caption of H.M.S Thames 22-26 SEPT 1959 Amsterdam.

    I can scan this is you are interested in a copy.

    I’m not sure of our family connection with M1104 but I believe after serving in the Army during WW2 my father was a RN reserve in the mid to late 1950’s and there is a another photo of him in RN uniform on board a ship which may be M1104.

    Martin Younger.

  7. Ed we do have a couple of photos of Pilot but more are always welcome. E-mail to me as a .jpeg please to

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