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HMS Shoreham Letter May 2018

HMS Shoreham Letter Autumn 2017


HMS SHOREHAM Visit July 2017

Lt Cdr Ben Evans, the Commanding Officer of HMS Shoreham (MCM1 Crew 2) extended an invitation to members of the Ton Class Association to visit the ship during a short stay at the port of Shoreham, Sussex. The group of some fourteen people, which included some from Worthing RNA, were as always were well looked after by members of her ship’s company. We were in the good hands of CPO Adam Slack, the WEO, who was acting as our ship liaison officer in lieu of the MEO who was called away on duty. The group were divided into two sections and escorted to view the various capabilities of the ship. Excellent presentations were given in the Ops and Control Rooms by the staff responsible for operation and maintenance of the equipment. They answered the many questions put to them or if they didn’t know they found an answer before we left.
The starboard Mk 44 Minigun proved particularly popular attraction although I’m not sure what the people in the houses opposite must have thought.

It was a most enjoyable and informative afternoon. Our thanks to all concerned.



Photos courtesy of Rob Hoole with my thanks to him for the door to door transport.
Bob Dean



Additional to the above a group of members from HMS Sussex Shipmates’ Association (formerly the RNR Sussex Division based at Maxwell’s Wharf, Portslade) took advantage of an invitation from the Commanding Officer of HMS Shoreham to visit the ship when she paid a visit to the port of Shoreham recently.There was also a group of members of the Ton Class Association in attendance.

Members of the ships company gave excellent explanations of their role and also some of the equipment used. The Shipmates were well impressed with all that was shown them. We would like to thank all those who made our visit so successful and wish HMS Shoreham’s ships company much success in the future.

Pictured are members of the former Sussex Division RNR. With thanks to Dave Walker, who is second from the right, ex Sussex RNR & TCA Member. Additional TCA Members are – from the left 1st Chris (Daisy) Adams, 4th Keith (Stumpy) Durrant & 8th Dave (TF) Walker.


HMS Shoreham Letter Summer 2017

HMS Shoreham Letter Spring 2017

Signed Ben Evans Commanding Officer


Letter dated 24th October 2015 received by Ton Class Association Chairman from  Commanding officer of HMS SHOREHAM

Shoreham HMS Letter Oct077

Letter dated 12th January 2015 received by Ton Class Association Chairman from  Commanding officer of HMS SHOREHAM

Shoreham update 230115

Dear Simon,
Very many thanks for your letter of the 12th January.
You certainly have been very busy, whether the time has flown for MCM1 Crew5 as rapidly as it has for myself I don’t know. but it doesn’t seem very long since you last wrote in July 2014 just as you were settling into life in the Gulf (again).
In one way I am sad to learn that you are coming to the end of your formal relationship with the Ton Class Association, but on the other hand very pleased that you wish to keep in touch with the Association through receipt of Ton Talk. To this end I will arrange for a copy to be forwarded to you commencing later in the year after you have taken command of HMS Westminster.
I am confident that many of our members will be delighted to accept an invitation to visit HMS Westminster when an opportunity presents itself.
On behalf of the Ton Class Association I offer our sincere thanks for your support and friendship over the years and we all wish you every success in HMS Westminster.
Yours Aye,
John Soanes.


Letter dated 9th July 2014 received by Ton Class Association Chairman from Lieutenant Commander Simon P. Kelly RN Commanding officer of HMS SHOREHAM

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to introduce myself as the new Commanding Officer of HMS SHOREHAM. During the handover of the ship, my predecessor Toby spoke warmly of the support that all of the affiliates of HMS SHOREHAM have given his crew over the past few years, for which he was very grateful. I know that having been Captain for the majority of his Command, it  was with a heavy heart that he left her for the final time. Although my tenure in Command of the ship will only be until January, I will do all that I can to maintain and strengthen these ties in the coming months.

My Crew (MCM1 Crew 5) are settling rapidly into the ship and life in the Arabian Gulf as we approach the hottest time of the year. A significant number of the Crew have been deployed in this region a number of times (some of us are up to 6 deployments to the Middle East), but for many this is the first time they have operated in this part of the world and there is a great deal to absorb. My priority for the team over the coming weeks is to ensure that we take up where we left off in our last ship, HMS GRIMSBY, with the same determination to prove ourselves, and the ship, fully capable of dealing with any of the broad variety of tasks we may be asked to undertake.

As for HMS SHOREHAM herself, she is in particularly good condition given the amount of time she has spent away from the UK, operating in the harsh environment of the Arabian Gulf. My crew and I intend to work hard to ensure that she continues to perform just as well during our tenure and keep her in the best form possible, ready for her handover in 2015. HMS SHOREHAM is due to sail back to the UK in mid-2015 with the next Crew. I am very hopeful, as I’m sure you are, that a home town visit will follow soon after her safe return.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can continue the strong relationship that clearly already exists between you and HMS SHOREHAM. In the mean time, if you wish to contact me and find out how the Ship is faring, I welcome correspondence. Given our dislocation perhaps the easiest method of reaching me is by email.

Yours Aye,
Simon. P. Kelly
Lieutenant Commander Royal Navy

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