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HMS CATTISTOCK News Letter November 2017

HMS CATTISTOCK News Letter September 2017

HMS CATTISTOCK News Letter December 2016


CO Profile December 2016 Lt Cdr Pimm


HMS CATTISTOCK News Letter September 2016

Dear Mr Soanes,

I am writing to introduce myself as Lieutenant Commander Charles Wheen, the current Commanding Officer of HMS CATTISTOCK.

Email to affiliates:

It is to my great shame that I haven’t been in touch sooner, having been in Command of your ship for five months, but I very much hope to make amends.

Lieutenant Commander Simon Cox handed the ship over to me (and MCM2 Crew 8) in early May and the programme has been extraordinarily varied and challenging since.  As with the previous crew, we will be deploying to the Middle East in December this year and have been undergoing rigorous Operational Sea Training in preparation.  Due to the current minehunter force structures in the Arabian gulf, we will be leaving HMS CATTISTOCK here in the UK and taking over another ship (HMS MIDDLETON) of the same class on arrival.  The great news is that we are due to return to HMS CATTISTOCK at the end of the deployment in June 2017.

You will be pleased to hear that the ship remains in excellent shape and is coping comfortably with the demands of training and the rugged conditions on the west coast of Scotland .  Similarly, the crew are thriving and are developing the fighting edge necessary to carry out the full range of our tasks.  The next, and final, stage of our preparations is Exercise Joint Warrior, running from 9th – 21st October.  This is a multi-national, tri-service exercise that will test our ability to conduct high tempo mine clearance operations in a multi-threat environment.

Of interest, the BBC’s ‘The One Show’ is scoping the possibility of embarking for a period during the exercise to capture some of our training.  I will keep you informed if we are to feature on the programme.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With Warmest Regards,


Charles Wheen | Lieutenant Commander Royal Navy | Commanding Officer | HMS CATTISTOCK | MCM 2 Crew 8 | BFPO 251 |


Dec 2015 Newsletter

Re-commissioning Recommissions October 2015

Cattistock Feb 26 15


HMS Cattistock Letter Dec 2014

2SL & Sailors Peter

Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral David Steel CBE with AB(MW) John (Jim) Hawkins & AB(MW) Tom Rouse at the Ton Class Association 2014 Reunion.

Letter dated 15th June 2014 received by Ton Class Association Chairman from Lieutenant Commander Andy Smith RN CO of HMS ATHERSTONE. (repeated on the HMS Atherstone page)

I hope this letter finds you and all of the Ton Class Association in excellent health and starting to enjoy some Summer weather. I am writing as the Commanding Officer of HMS ATHERSTONE, although I hope you remember me as the Commanding Officer of HMS CATTISTOCK from June – December 3013. You may recall myself and Crew 2 of the Second Mine Countermeasure Squadron (MCM2 Crew 2) were to deploy to the Persian Gulf onboard HMS ATHERSTONE for seven months from December 3013 to July 2013. Our time onboard HMS ATHERSTONE is now drawing to a close and I am pleased to report that it has been very successful.

The reason that I write to you now is that (after a well earned period of post-deployment leave) MCM2 Crew 2 will be returning to HMS CATTISTOCK and I am keen to renew our affiliation. We will find ourselves in an unusual position in the UKI as HMS CATTISTOCK herself will be in dry dock receiving an extensive refit. You may have heard about this refit before, but it is designed to improve her efficiency and capabilities and to extend her life by at least another decade.

This refit means that unfortunately we will not be in a position to bring HMS CATTISTOCK herself to visit ports until mid-2015 at the earliest. However despite a lack of a sea-going ship, MCM2 Crew2 will not be idle. The time spent in Portsmouth Naval Base represents a rare period of shore time which will be filled with professional courses, exams and training. It will also involve supporting the other Crews of the Second Mine Countermeasure Squadron in their duties.

If there are any events coming up in the South Coast area from mid-August onwards (the end of our post deployment leave) that you would like us to try and support or attend then please write to us to let us know. Letters addressed to myself at HMS CATTISTOCK. BFPO 251 should always find their way to me. Affiliations are extremely important to the Royal Navy and I hope this period of time alongside gives us the opportunity to renew ours. I look forward to hearing from you and I will write again when MCM2 Crew 2 are re-established in Portsmouth.

I hope to be able to invite you and some of your members onboard HMS CATTISTOCK when we move on board her.

Yours aye,

Andy Smith Royal Navy.

Cattistock 8th May 2014 edited

I am sure that we would all like to thank Lt Cdr Headley & the crew for their hospitality & wish them all the best for the future.

Mark Headley CO of Cattistock 015


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