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Maritime Books

New owner takes over at Maritime Books

After 35 years Maritime Books has a new Managing Director. Ian Whitehouse, a former submariner, has taken over and is now working with the Maritime Books team – Steve Bush, editor, and Pat Garnett, Office Manager, to develop and expand the service provided to world wide Maritime Books customers. Expect some changes over the next few months, but nothing too radical. We will be moving to new premises in Liskeard, plans are underway to make the website simpler, clearer and easier to navigate. We also intend to expand the range of books offered and the content of our two magazines.
We are always interested in hearing from new authors and contributors.



A change of ownership is announced at the Cornish Book publishers Maritime Books of Liskeard.

Mike Critchley

Maritime Books, founded by former Royal Naval officer Mike Critchley from his kitchen table whist the Harbourmaster at Looe, Cornwall is changing hands. The initial book published in 1979, an annual guide to the ships and aircraft of the Royal Navy, is still published annually. The business is now a specialist publishing and on line retail operation selling its books worldwide by post and courier. The majority of the customer base, of over 10,000 private buyers, have an interest in the Royal Navy and the navies of other countries.

Mike said last night:

“When I started writing in 1979 the Royal Navy had worldwide commitments similar to today and its fleet was able fulfil these demands properly. It is very different today with cuts following more cuts; a dangerous option in today’s far more unstable world. UK still imports more than 95% of its food, fuel, gas and raw materials by sea. Interrupt that and we are in serious trouble, we should be investing properly in our Royal Navy to protect this essential lifeline.”

Following his 70th birthday Mike is retiring to Hampshire and his place at the helm will be taken by Ian Whitehouse of North Cornwall on 1st October.
A former Naval Officer and submarine commander Ian plans to revamp the website and grow the online retail market. He will publish Warship World magazine, Warships Pictorial and as many good books a year as local, and overseas authors can provide him with. Ian said: “I look forward to working with the team I inherit to build on Mike’s success and hard work to create a truly unique resource for books, pictures and debate on maritime subjects for UK and international readers.”

Ian Whitehouse




The career of HMS INVINCIBLE, the first of the Royal Navy’s new generation of aircraft carriers, which began in 1980 and took her through the Falklands War and into the 21st century. Well illustrated with a special colour section.

Capital Ships at war 39-45


This book is a full collection of despatch reports.  Despatches in this volume include those relating to the sinking of the German battleship GRAF SPEE, the loss of the battleships HMS PRINCE OF WALES and HMS REPULSE, the sinking of the German battlecruiser SCHARNHORST, the attack on TIRPITZ and the sinking of BISMARCK


Farnborough & Fleet Air Arm

This is an impressive historical study of the association of the Royal Aircraft/Aerospace Establishment at Farnborough with the activities of the Fleet Air Arm, beginning in 1922. From the development work carried out emerged the technology required to enable ship-borne aircraft to fly and, more importantly, to land at sea, and this is still in use today by navies around the world.

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