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Battleship Ramillies

The Final Salvo edited by Ian Johnston with Mick French. ISBN 978-1-84832-207-3                                              Forward by HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh

Battleship Ramillies

First-hand accounts given by those who served on board this battleship mainly during WWII. Reading the dits (navy language for stories) of those members of the ships company during this time felt as though one was in the messdeck at tot time listening to them. A most enjoyable read which many ex RN personnel could relate to.


The Battlecruiser HMS HOOD an Illustrated Biography 1916 – 1941

Bruce Taylor ISBN 978-1-84832-248-6


Unmatched for eloquence & unequalled for size, for twenty years the battlecruiser Hood was the glory ship of the Royal Navy, flying the flag across the world in the twilight years of the British Empire. Her destruction at the hands of the Bismark in the Denmark Strait in 1941 shattered the morale of a nation & stands among the most harrowing disasters in naval warfare. The book includes over 200 photographs plus colour stills from a rediscovered film, colour plans & cutaways including a ‘fold out’, detailed deck plans, analysis of the ships gunnery & propulsion systems, the Invergordon Mutiny, coverage of life afloat in peace & war, Day to Day chronology & corrected role of Honour.         The book is a wealth of information.


Rodney & Nelson

Les Brown & Robert Brown ISBN 978-1-84832-219-6

Rodney & Nelson

This book is part of the ShipCraft series & is aimed at the model maker but is still a good read. It contains a summary of design history & careers, full details of class variations & modifications, colour reference for paint schemes, gallery of photographs of outstanding models, critical review of available kits & a source of further information from books to websites.


Nelson’s Band of Brothers
Lives and Memorials
By Captain Peter Hore

ISBN 978-1-84832-779-5

While there is a perennial interest in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic wars and in Nelson himself, there is no reference work that chronicles all the captains of his ships, their social origins, their characters and the achievements in their lives beyond their service under Nelson. This new book, researched and written by distinguished historians, descendants of some of Nelson’s officers, and members of the 1805 Club, presents concise biographies of those officers who fought with Nelson in his three great battles, with superb colour illustration throughout. Nelson first gave the name of ‘band of brothers’ to the officers who had commanded ships of his fleet at the battle of the Nile (1798). This new volume will include 100 officers, ranging from lieutenants in command of gunboats at the battle of Copenhagen (1801) through captains of line-of- battle ships at the Nile and at Trafalgar (1805), to admirals in command of squadrons in his fleets. Of real significance are the specially commissioned photographs of all the monuments and memorials to Nelson’s captains, descriptions with transcriptions of epitaphs, and clear directions to enable the readers to find them. Part travel book, part biography and moving testimony to Nelson’s faithful captains, Nelson’s band of Brothers presents the opportunity to rediscover 100 local heroes.


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Cold War Command: The Dramatic Story of a Nuclear Submariner

Cold War Command

Captain Dan Conley & Captain Richard Woodman
The part played in the Cold War by Royal Navy submarines still retains a great degree of mystery and in the traditions of the ‘Silent Service’, remains largely shrouded in secrecy. Cold War Command brings us as close as possible to the realities of commanding nuclear hunter-killer submarines, routinely tasked to hunt out and covertly follow Soviet submarines.
Dan Conley takes the reader through his early career in diesel submarines, prior to his transition to the complex and very demanding world of operating nuclear submarines; he describes the Royal Navy’s shortcomings in ship and weapons procurement and gives insights into the failures that led to the effective bankrupting of the Defence budget in the first decade of the 21st century. In command of HMS Courageous and HMS Valiant in the 1980s, he achieved exceptional success against Soviet submarines at the height of the Cold War. He was also involved in the initial deployment of the Trident nuclear weapon system, and divulges hitherto un-revealed facets of nuclear weapons strategy and policy during this period.
Not just a memoir, this gripping read is the first book to uniquely chronicle both British and American submarine developments and events in the Cold War era by taking the reader onboard a nuclear submarine and into the depths of the ocean, relaying the excitement and apprehensions experienced by British submariners confronted by a massive Soviet Navy.

ISBN 978-1-84832-769-6

I have just finished reading this excellent book. It tells the story exactly as described above & even though the nearest I came to ‘Boats’ was a draft to HMS DOLPHIN I now have a greater understanding of life on board both conventional & nuclear submarines. Additionally  the chapters describing the weapons  was an eye opener as I worked on these very items after leaving the RN. A great read which I thoroughly recommend.


Battleship Ramillies

Battleship Ramillies: The Final SalvoIan Johnston with Mike French ISBN 9781848322073
The first-hand accounts of life aboard HMS Ramillies encompassing the long and distinguished career of a battleship that was the last to join the Grand Fleet in 1917 and then survived to fight in the Second World War. Although the ship did not make headlines, she was actively employed from start to finish, and like any large ship, to her crew she was unique; she was certainly the only ship in British naval history whose captain wore a grass skirt into battle, honouring a Maori belief that the ship would come to no harm while he did so. Indeed, Ramillies survived the war, despite being torpedoed by a Japanese submarine.
Produced with the full cooperation of the HMS Ramillies Association, this tribute to the ship is deftly assembled from a combination of interviews with surviving crew members, along with carefully researched diaries and written accounts by those connected with the ship, including HRH the Duke of Edinburgh for whom Ramillies was his first ship. Many personal photo albums were unearthed to provide previously unpublished illustrations, which add a further dimension to a vivid picture of naval life in an almost-forgotten era.

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Hitler’s Gateway to the Atlantic: German Naval Bases in France 1940-1945Lars Hellwinkel ISBN 978-1-84832-199-1
Employing new research from both German and French sources, the author examines the role that the French Atlantic ports played for the Kriegsmarine during the Second World War.
When the Wehrmacht overran France in May and June of 1940, the German navy’s dream of access to the Atlantic was realised, and Brest, Lorient, St Nazaire, La Pallice and Bordeaux were converted into naval bases for surface, U-boat and auxiliary cruiser operations. This book describes the extent to which the French, both locally and at the level of the Vichy Government, cooperated with the German authorities in occupied France to convert the existing ports, and explains how the 45,000 workers of the Todt Organisation built the monumental bunkers and other facilities. This fascinating narrative of the German occupation is balanced by the story of the vicious British maritime-air campaign that was commenced immediately following the fall of France, and which was far more effective than has been previously suggested. The German attempt to turn Brittany into a vast bastion area after the Normandy landings, is a further aspect which is covered in detail for the first time.
A highly readable account with many previously unpublished images.


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British Aircraft Carriers

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This book has a wealth of detail about Aircraft Carriers from the earliest experimental vessels to the forthcoming Queen Elizabeth class, the largest ships ever built for the RN. Chapters cover design, construction, technical details & summaries of every ship’s career. The book is illustrated with photographs & drawings including a four-page gatefold plan in colour. Written by David Hobbs a retired Fleet Air Arm pilot. ISBN 978-1-84832-138-0

Gathering Storm pic

The term ‘the phoney war’ is often applied to the first months of WWII, a term suggesting inaction or passivity. That may have been the perception of the war on land, but at sea it was very different, and this new book is a superb survey of the fierce naval struggles from 1939 to the invasion of Norway in April 1940. ISBN 978-1-84832-140-3

British battleships pic

This book is arguably the best reference book available with regard to the pre-dreadnought era & brings to completion the reissue of RA Burt’s best selling three-volume history of British battleships. ISBN 978-1-84832-173-1

World Naval Review

Seaforth’s World Naval Review 2014 speaks for its self by virtue of its title. Edited by Conrad Waters the book contains contributions from nine well known naval experts. The book fulfils an important function in faithfully presenting a genuinely worldwide perspective on the subject. ISBN 978-1-84832-182-3.

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