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       Kitchener’s Holiday Centre

Shipmates may wish to know that that the Kitchener’s Holiday Centre in Lowestoft is available for all ex-Servicemen and Women and their wives/husband/partners.  It is situated in a Grade Two listed building overlooking the seafront at Kirkley Cliff. The centre was founded as a memorial to Field Marshall Lord Kitchener of Khartoum and was opened in 1919.  The centre is open from April to October and has centrally heated en-suite twin bedrooms with two rooms having walk-in showers.

Kitchener Hotel

Price List 2016

Guest Type Full Week Half Board 3 or 4 Night Short Break half Board Per Night B&B Cost (Min 2 Nights)
Ex Service £165 £120 £18
Partner/ Spouse £205 £145 £24
Widow/Widower £205 £145 £24
Single Supplement £20 per week £20 per stay £10 per night

For further details please contact: The Manager, Lord Kitchener Memorial Holiday Centre, 10 Kirkley Cliff, Lowestoft NR33 0BY. Tel: 01502 573564  e-mail


Jutland 100 Commemorations

Dear Shipmates and CONA Colleagues,

You may be aware that I have been representing the RNA, CONA and Naval Veterans on the Jutland 100 Steering Group. The Steering Group is operating under the administration of the RBL and has been actively promoting and encouraging communities to engage with the Jutland 100 Commemorations. The RBL invited a variety of interested parties to be part of the group which includes: a representative from the DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport) who are the official sponsor of this National event and have specific responsibility for organising the National Commemoration which will take place in Orkney/Scapa Flow on 31 May: RN; Seafarers UK; TRBL; RNA/CONA/Naval Veterans.

To keep you informed I have attached the minutes from the last Steering Group meeting and a spreadsheet which provides details of know events.

For further information, please see below details of the National and Portsmouth commemoration events. Sadly I have no further specific details from other events at this time;

The National Commemoration

There will be two parts to the main event;

AM – Service in Cathedral Kirkwall 1 X RBL Bearer and 1 x RBLS (VVIP Present)

PM – Service at Lyness Cemetery (RN Moment) 3 x RN Standard Bearers (VVIP Present)

Note – DCMS highlighted to the Steering Group just how difficult the logistics were of transfer between the two sites and how difficult it would be getting everyone to the Orkneys and this has been the biggest consideration. This service in Kirkwall Cathedral will be broadcast live on BBC and Lyness Cemetery covered online. The guest list is complete and invitations have been sent out the RNA will be represented by the National President and National Standard.

Portsmouth Event

I received the following update from Commander Andy Green Royal Navy, XO HMS NELSON concerning the Portsmouth Event, which will take place on 31st May 2016;

Timing is now confirmed at 1400 – 1530. We will not be unveiling a commemorative stone at the War Memorial. Parade will start at Palmerston Road, down Ave De Caen, then onto the Common for a drumhead ceremony and service. March off on completion down the sea front and a field gun run on completion. I hope to have more detail after meetings next week.

Finally, the next Steering Group meeting is scheduled for 7th April so If any of you have any questions/issues you would like me to raise at that meeting then please let me know.

Kind regards


Andy Christie
Deputy General Secretary
Room 209
Semaphore Tower PP70
HM Naval Base
Portsmouth PO1 3LT
02392 720782
9380 20782

From  CONA January 2016 meeting.

Attached is a flyer outlining a cruise that is to take place in September 2017. It looks to be a good deal and will be a Ex RN gathering (in the main). SODS OPERA and TOT TIME are planned. If not fully Ex RN subscribed then it will be thrown open to all and sundry. It is CONA and RNA supported through the CONA Holiday Service.

This event is to be discuss at the forthcoming TCA committee meeting in March 2016 at Portsmouth.

Charlie Farnes TCA CONA Rep

RN Cruise 01 RN Cruise 02


July 2015 Meeting report viewmore

April 2015

Fraudsters have set up a bogus website claiming to be the official site of National Savings & Investments (NS&I) and are contacting members of the public, cold calling them and offering them the chance to invest in 65+ Bonds (also known as Pensioner Bonds).
Members of the public who are searching for the official website (for example on search engines) may be directed to the fake one which then asks them to supply contact information.Victims are then receiving a follow up e-mail and/or phone call from the fraudsters who are requesting evidence of identity documents and bank account details either over the phone or by sending the victims fake forms to fill out. A common name that appears on the emails sent by the fraudsters is ‘Kevin Archer’

Avoid being a victim of fraud:
• Do not pass personal or banking information to companies that cold call you.
• Please note that the only domain name (website address) that is legitimate is
• National Savings & Investments (NS&I) do not make sales calls to potential customers (cold calls) so do not enter into discussion with cold callers claiming to be NS&I.
• The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau is committed to tackling all types of fraud and the Cyber Prevention and Disruption Team aims to do this by disrupting and taking down fake and fraudulent websites.

If you have been a victim of fraud or suspect a company of fraud please contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via the online reporting tool at

March 2015

Veterans Welfare Service 01 Veterans Welfare Service 02

Pension Credit

Minimum Guarantee

Single £151.20
Couple £230.85

Additional Amounts

Severe Disability (per qualifying person) £ 61.85
Carer Premium £ 34.60

Savings Credit

Threshold Single £126.50
Couple £201.80
Maximum Award Single £ 14.82
Couple £ 17.43

Attendance Allowance

Lower rate £ 55.10
Higher Rate £ 82.30

Disability Living Allowance

Care Component Lower rate £ 21.80
Middle Rate £ 55.10
Higher rate £ 82.30
Mobility Component Lower rate £ 21.80
Higher rate £ 57.45

Personal Independence Allowance Payment

Daily Living Component Standard rate £ 55.10
Enhanced rate £ 82.30
Mobility Component Standard Rate £ 21.80
Enhanced rate £ 57.45

Carers Allowance £ 62.10

State Pension

Cat A £115.95
Cat B Late Spouse or Civil Partner NI £115.95
Cat B Spouses or Civil Partners NI £ 69.50
Cat D Non Contributory, Aged 80+ £ 69.50
Age Addition (aged 80+) £ 00.25

Bereavement Benefits
Bereavement Allowance
Aged 45 – 54 Min £ 33.77
Aged 55 – pension Age £ 112.55
Bereavement Payment (lump sum) £2000.00

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

Variable depending on % disablement
Min £ 33.60
Max £168.00


click on the above link to view RAC offer via CONA

Meeting February 2015

Click here to read document

Conference Meeting July 2014                      Report AS supplied by the TCA Rep 10th August 2014

Conference of Naval Associations (CONA) TCA is a member of this organisation which is exactly as the title suggests. It is backed by the 2nd Sea Lord and the officers are mainly from the RNA. The CONA newsletter is well worth a read and can be found at


One item that has emerged from the July meeting is information about the holiday & conference/AGM/Committee meetings etc that can be arranged by the company UK Holiday Group but now, for the purposes of all individual members of CONA and those of the affiliated associations, now called CONA Holiday Service. Excellent reports have been obtained by those individuals & groups who have availed themselves of the facilities on offer. Copies of two ‘flyers’ published by the group can be obtained by contacting the TCA web master by clicking here and sending a message.


Conference Meeting 16th January 2014

TCA Representative’s Report

RNA HQ – Semaphore Tower – Portsmouth Naval Base

Attendees: –

Chairman Rear Adm John McAnally

Chairman CONA Working Group Captain Paul Quinn RN Rtd

Secretary Lt Cdr Andy Christie RN Rtd

8 RN Association Representatives

I do not & cannot report verbatim but hopefully will cover all of the most relevant parts of the meeting.

The chairman, Rear Adm John McAnally CB LVO National President of the RNA welcomed all delegates. He then called upon the chairman of the CONA Working Group, Captain Paul Quinn OBE RN, to report on new items and progress so far as listed in the Review Action Grid.

  • The chairman (working group) listed those apologies received.

  • Review of minutes of the last meeting held in July 2013. No matters arising.

  • Report re the CONA Working Group meeting held last October (items from this meeting appear in the text below).

  • It would seem that some RN Veterans are experiencing problems when contacting the Veterans Agency. The chairman has offered to assist where possible and affected personnel are invited to contact him at RNA HQ.

  • The current Armed Forces Minister is a member of the RNA.

  • The ‘Naval Service Memorial’ project is proceeding well. More information on this please see below after AOB.

  • MoD information cascade has been welcomed by many CONA recipients. This facility to continue.

  • CONA has reached an agreement with the ‘Holiday Group UK Ltd’ who are donating 1% of all takings from CONA groups and members. A dedicated web site and phone number are available to all CONA members via the link on the CONA web site which is up and running. Those members who have already used this company have given it glowing reports not just for price but also with regard to excellent service.

  • The Cooperative Funeral Service offers a 5% discount to all CONA members nationwide for Funeral Plans, funerals (burials & cremations) ordered via CONA.

  • Member associations are encouraged to submit items for publication on the CONA web site. This can include notification of forthcoming TCA events.

  • The register of CONA members needs to be completed with some 90 entries yet to be placed on the database . When the register is completed it is the intention of CONA to publish a Geographical Map so that groups can better see where fellow association’s administration is located. It was thought this could assist recruitment & socialisation.

  • Article about CONA to be submitted to Navy News publication. This is required by NN before 20th of January for the next edition. Due to pressure of work at RNA HQ this may not be achievable.

  • A question regarding a Veterans ID card was asked. The chairman replied that this was still under consideration. It was thought that its benefits would be limited to some businesses offering discounts. It may also be of use when vets use it to obtain priority medical treatment (as per the so called military covenant). Task ongoing.

Items from member associations.

  • A brief on use of MoD property being used by associations was given. Details will become available when the minutes are promulgated . Suffice it to say that when using these facilities it seems to be good value for money.

  • RN Woman i.e. those who have served in any form with the RN celebrate 100 years of service in 2017

  • The Merchant Navy Association (MNA) has a supply of white berets available for sale to Arctic Veterans. It would seem that this article is difficult to source .

  • The FNA have submitted a Logo design for CONA. It was very much a rough and ready sketch. The design will be considered by the CONA working group at their next meeting. While the design included sections depicting all parts of the naval community i.e. RN, RFA and MNA concern was expressed that it didn’t specifically include the Royals. The FNA rep argued that they should be regarded as inclusive with the RN element of the design. This statement did not meet with overall approval.

  • Question was asked by a rep regarding assistance for small associations to have their own web site. Due to financial and ongoing support considerations this was not considered practical. However the chairman suggested that given time it may be possible for small RN associations to have their own section as part of the CONA or RNA web site. This action will be on going.

  • Members were reminded that discounted tickets for entry to all of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard attractions are available to all RNA members on production of a current membership card.

  • I gave a very brief update on the TCA emphasising our ongoing support for CONA (which in my opinion really seems to get things moving) and that I have put a link on our new web site so that our members can not only read my reports but also view the wider aspect of the facility.


  • A volunteer is required for the position of Chairman for CONA from July 2014 as Adm McAnally is stepping down.

  • CONA to consider sponsorship of Sea Cadets for sail training purposes – task on-going. There is a sailing event for sea cadets being held in July at Verna. While the event is being heavily subsidised financial assistance is being sought to assist cadets with travel expenses etc.

Additional Information

The bi-annual RNA parade that was held in Whitehall during October last turned out to be a great occasion. During this parade the 2nd SL presented Arctic Star Medals to veterans. During this presentation two recipients met again for the first time since they last walked down the gangway of their ship during WWII.


Please excuse any errors and/or omissions.






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