HMS Broomley M2007

HMS Broomley M2007

HMS WATCHFUL when on Fishery Protection duties

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  1. Served on HMS Watchful 1965, only can remember the other stoker was Den Murch from Shrewsbury, cant remember the names of anyone else.

    • Good Day Victor. Thanks for contacting us. I also served on her but four years prior to your commission. She was part of the Fishery Protection Squadron south coast. Our patrol area spread from Lundy Isle in the Bristol Channel right round to Lowestoft including the Channel Islands. Great draft and as I was the only greenie on board I was to a degree my own boss.

  2. Hi Bob & Victor
    I also served on HMS Watchful Aug 1961 until Jan 1963 the Skipper was Lt Forbes i think he was an Observer (Fleet Air Arm).
    I was sent to HMS Dryad for a navigators yeomans course i think the only gunnery rateing to do so. Also HMS Sefton 1955/1957.
    Len Pardy

    • Hi Len,
      I can’t find the name of the CO during my time on board but I’m pretty certain he wasn’t Fleet Air Arm. He was a two ringer and, I believe, ex lower deck. Nice guy and all but one a great ships company. I had to work late one evening repairing a defective fan. Didn’t feel very well so on completion took some aspirin/aspro as one did and turned in. Got up next morning to run up equipment ready for Special Sea Duty Men still feeling really rough. Went to the aft heads and threw up but much to my horror it was blood. Passed out into the hands of the CoB. When I came round the skipper was leaning over me and said ‘ashore drinking again last night Dean’. This time not guilty.

  3. Served on watchful Oct 62 to Sept 63, I was an RO2(G) only comms rating on board. Captain was LT Forbes the LT Geddes both Air Crew. Great draft even though I suffered with sea sickness.

    • Hi Barry,
      My time on board her was 1960 to 1961 some fourteen months. Great draft as I was the only Greenie on board. I didn’t suffer from sea sickness I’m glad to say.


  4. Served on board in the early 60s. Was one of the stokers. Great times. Once ,when about to enter Lowestoft after a rough passage, it was found that the heads overboard connection had come adrift
    The bilges were full of crap and spew. We were refused entry into Lowestoft until we got cleaned.
    Everybody, and I mean everybody, skipper included, had to go in the bilges and clean up.

    • Colin I was the ‘Greenie’ on board her (HMS Watchful by then) during 1960 and 1961. Fishery Protection duties around the South Coast. Went into Lowestoft more than once in fact on one occasion when Cox’n was ill I was on the wheel. Nearly crashed her into the jetty mind. Happy days, great draft.


  5. Good evening gents!
    I had a very pleasant three weeks aboard Watchful in 1958, while the LEM, Bobby Charlton, was on sick leave. We visited Shoreham, Newhaven, Dover, Harwich, Felixstowe and Great Yarmouth. The ‘chef’ was Mick Angell, whom I had known at the Royal Hospital School. However, if I thought I would return to my cushy number at Whale Island when Bobby returned, ‘Drafty’ had another surprise in store when he sent me to HMS Osprey, thereafter to HMS Salisbury! I slapped in to join Watchful, but – no joy!
    Happy days!

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