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The White Rose Branch of the TCA goes from strength to strength

Just noticed that the 25th of January 2020 was the Chinese New Year.

“The year of the Rat”

All meetings cancelled until advised by HMG that socialising can resume.


                   Yesterday 25th January the White Rose branch held the first meeting of 2020.

Present were Clive Dennison, Trevor Watson, Mike Martin, Alan Clayton, Terry Foreman, Dave Parrish, John Rogers, Ken Rutherford new member Alan Hewitt and myself.

Apologise from Les Sharpe, Pancho (TCA mini reunion in Shropshire), Jeremy Mackrell (hospital two broken wrists) and David Browne (just out of hospital).

It was agreed that all meals in future would be held in Thomas’s on Lendal.

Dates for 2020

March 21st, meeting 1300/ meal 1530. Cancelled

June 6th, meeting 1300.

September 12th meeting 1300, meal 1530.

September 13th Eden Camp All Services Remembrance parade. Muster in NAAFI 1350. Parade musters 1415.

Ken proposed a vote of thanks’ to Clive ably assisted by Sue for their work organising the annual TCA reunion. All agreed.

There has been talk over the past few months over the allocation of the raffle at the reunion. This was debated at length yesterday. There were mixed feelings. Some wanted to continue donating to the Sea Cadets, others to RN charities, others to TCA’s own funds.

Could I ask that the subject is brought up for discussion at the Committee meeting? (Always discussed at the AGM ed)

“Up Spirits ” was piped by Ken at 1500.

Another good meeting with great mates. (photos Clive Dennison)

Tot Time

01) So brave so fearless

02) Don’t ask

03) Ken piping ‘Up Spirits’


2020 Programme & Reports

The first meeting of 2020 is to be held on Saturday the 25th of January.      We are reverting back to the Longboat bar of the Premier Inn for this meeting. This will enable Trevor Watson to attend. Unfortunately he cannot manage the stairs at Thomas’s. Our main aim apart from listening to David Browne and Ken’s sea stories, is to agree venues, events and dates for 2020. We may of course be tempted to have the odd beer and maybe even a tot.  So please get your thinking caps on, all idea’s gratefully received.  

Looking forward to meeting up again in the New Year. Merry Crimbo.


Stop Press: The following has just been received & it seems only right that it should be published (I don’t need to explain why). If we could get that old reprobate from Petersfield to come ooop north I’ll go as far as to say I’ll keep him supplied with rum for the duration of his visit. Signed D Parrish of that Ilk.

TCA Northern Standard Report 11-11-2019

An update on this Remembrance weekends activities. I (Dave Parrish) paraded the TCA Standard on Sunday 10th, on a march through Selby ending up for the service in Selby Abbey. Over a thousand members of the public and veterans were in attendance, as usual a great event.

Today,11/11, we had the Remembrance service in Selby cemetery at the main site of war graves. It’s always refreshing to see all the school kids placing small wooden crosses on the war graves throughout the cemetery.

Whilst waiting for the service to begin I got talking to Michael Dyson a local councillor who it turns out is an associate member of the TCA. Very interesting discussion ensued and hopefully some material for Ton Talk. He has my Email address. It’s a small world.

2019 Programme & Reports

Yorkshire Area Rep Allan Brown writes: –

A report on the All Services Remembrance Parade 2019, Eden Camp, Malton.

First an apology for lack of action shots. I was the only one to take a camera. I got John’s daughter to take the mandatory group photo before some of the group had to dash off. They are from l -R Terry Foreman, David Browne, Clive Dennison, Dave Parrish, Pincher Martin, Allan Brown and John Rogers ( RNA Standard).

The remainder then went off to find something Naval to pose in front of. A ships gun was found and a passer-by was asked to take the picture. What went wrong I do not know but it did not come out. If you can call David Browne and Dave Parrish stood next to a Naval missile an action shot. There it is (see picture below).

The parade went off very well. As is right and proper, the Royal Navy contingent led the parade, followed by the Royal Marines and then the junior services. The organiser said that there had not been such a well-attended parade and so many Standards paraded for a long time. The date for next year’s parade is Sunday the 13 th of September 2020. Photos belowL-R Terry Forman , Dave Parish , Clive Dennison, David Browne, Pincher Martin, Allan Brown and John Rogers .


Good afternoon Gentlemen,

                                              On Saturday 7th September the White Rose branch of the TCA mustered in Thomas’s Bar in York.

Present were Dave Parrish, Clive Dennison, Pincher Martin, Terry Foreman, John Rogers, Trevor Dixon (guest), Ken Rutherford, Alan Clayton and myself.

We tried a different Colour Party this time to rig the White Ensign. A Stocker (Clive) and a TAS rate (Terry). What could possibly go wrong? Seriously they made a better job than all previous attempts.

I read out relevant correspondence received. One was from long time member Trevor Watson who apologised for not being able to attend as both he and Eileen were unable to climb the stairs. 

It was agreed that the next meeting would be held in the Longboat bar to enable Trevor to meet up again. That meeting is on the 25th of January, 1300 in the Longboat bar, Premier Inn, Blossom St, York. We will then decide venues and dates for 2020.

Clive gave a brief update on the TCA reunion to be held next month. 

“Up Spirits” was piped and then it was ” Hands to lamp swing and black cat “.

The ladies joined us at 1530 for another nice meal.

L-R Terry Forman, Dave Parrish, Trevor Dixon (guest), Clive Dennison, John Rogers , Alan Clayton , Pincher Martin, Ken Rutherford and Allan (Buster ) Brown .


Good afternoon Gentlemen,

                                              I have booked Thomas’s of York for our next meeting. The upstairs function room, 1300 on Saturday the 7th of September. The ladies will join us at 1530 for our meal. Remember to get your drinks before coming upstairs as the function room does not have a bar. After consultation with members regarding dress of the day, I suggest we come in what we feel comfortable in as long as it is WR, TCA or RN themed. I will be bringing the White Ensign (if only I could find a competent Colour Party).

For those who have not been before, Thomas’s address is 3 Museum St, York YO1 7DT. Just across Lendal bridge going towards the Minster. From the station, turn left instead of the right you made going to the Longboat bar.

Sunday the eighth of September we will muster at 1400 in the NAAFI at Eden Camp museum for the All Services Remembrance parade. Dave Parish will parade the TCA Standard.

Looking forward to meeting up again.

Yours Aye,

Buster. (Brown TCA Yorkshire Rep)


July 2019 Meeting & River Cruise (that never was)

Gentlemen (writes Allan Brown),

                    A report on yesterday’s adventure.

Present were David Browne, Alan Clayton, Clive Dennison, Terry Foreman, Dave Parrish, Jeremy Mackrell, “Pincher’’ Martin, Ken Rutherford, Trevor Dixon and myself. Plus of course our ladies.

We boarded our boat for our trip on the river. To celebrate Ken’s birthday he poured a tot for us all. A long haired sprog on the landing shouted that we could not bring our own drinks onboard. As Ken was pouring the rum back into his flask a green haired sprogess smoking a roll up shouted up to the group. Some of our members objected to 60 &70 to 80 year olds being spoken to like naughty children. The upshot was we were asked to leave. For their unprofessional behavior it cost the company about one hundred and sixty one pounds and fifty pence in revenue. It gained us an extra hour in the pub.

On the positive side, we have found a new venue for our meetings and meals. Thomas’s on Museum Street. They gave us our own room, served good beer and cider. Very enjoyable meals at reasonable cost. Despite everything we had another good day out with great mates and Ken will not forget his birthday in a hurry.

The cruise that never was

The rollicking was a ‘Bridge Too Far’

The cause of all the trouble


Good afternoon Gentlemen,

                                             For your information, our summer cruise on the Ouse will take place on Saturday the 20th of July. Mustering on Lendal jetty at 1325 to take the 1340 cruise. We are trying a different venue as it is close to the jetty . It has been made to look like the type of rough pub that Dave Parrish, Ken Rutherford and Bob Dean used to frequent in Pompey. Anyway we can give it a try. Dress of the day is White Rose, TCA or RN themed casual.

Hope both you and yours are well. See you in Derby.


I shall ignore the slur about my drinking habits in the interest of informing all good and true Yorkshire men, and their ladies, plus other interested TCA and Ton men. Retribution will be mine at the bar in Derby.


Good afternoon Gentlemen,

This is a joint report given by Clive Dennison and myself.

As usual the group met in the Longboat Bar, York at 1300 on Saturday 16th March 2019. The members had a moment of silence to remember and pay their respects to TCA Founder Member Jeremy Stewart. Several of the group having met Jeremy over the years and Pincher Martin may have served with him.

This was followed with apologies for absence from Peter Down, Bob Dean and Dave Parrish. Clive then gave a briefing on the recent TCA Committee meeting and social weekend held at Portsmouth. Clive told of the generous legacy left to the TCA in Jeremy’s will and that suggestions for a lasting memorial in Jeremy’s name are being requested. A popular suggestion is a Memorial Bench and involvement with Dockyard Apprentices. Please forward any other ideas to the TCA Hon. Sec. He finished by reporting on the forthcoming visit to Malta and this years reunion at Derby.

On completion of the meeting members visited the York Brewery for a tour and to sample the wares. Allan Brown went round the buoy a couple of times just to make sure that his palate was working satisfactorily. The group were made most welcome and enjoyed the tour led by an informative and amusing guide. On completion the members returned to the Longboat Bar to resume their lamp swinging and black catting.

For info: The group are planning a boat trip, or for the posh among us, a River Cruise, on the 20th July with a meal afterwards. Further details will be published in due course.

Looking forward to meeting up again.

Yours Aye,


The usual suspects Propping Up the brewery

Photos courtesy of Clive Dennison


 Good afternoon Gentlemen,                                        

A report on the first White Rose branch of the TCA meeting of 2019. The group met as usual at the Longboat Bar of the York Premier Inn on Saturday 12th January

Present Jeremy Mackrell, Clive Dennison, Dave Parrish, David Browne, Terry Foreman, “Pincher” Martin, John Rogers, Ken Rutherford,Alan Clayton and myself. Apologises from Pancho, Trevor Watson and new member Alan Hewitt whose wife Sue was in hospital.

A good meeting with plenty of dits and lamp swinging. It could have been a disaster as the bar had run out of rum. Fortunately, thanks to the foresight of Clive, Dave P and Ken who had thought to bring hip flasks, the day was saved.

Clive gave an update on the Malta trip and said that the booking form for the reunion will be in next months TT.

Dates for the year.

David Browne suggested that we have another trip on the river Ouse. This was agreed .

Meeting 16th of March in the Longboat bar of the Premier Inn.

Boat trip 20th of July followed by meal. Venue, possibly the Star restaurant near the jetty. 

Meeting/meal 7th September.

All Services Remembrance parade Eden camp near Malton North Yorkshire to be held on Sunday 8th September. For more details contact Allan Brown.

Clive suggested that we look for another venue for our meals as the Longboat is not brilliant. Jeremy suggested the Star.

Terry and I to check possible venues over the the next few months. 

Meeting closed and “Up spirits” piped at 1410. Photographs to follow.

Yours Aye,


The TCA White Rose Group

Ken waiting to see who goes to the bar first

Pictures courtesy of Clive Dennison


September 2018 Meeting & Eden Camp Parade

Another successful & enjoyable meeting was held in York by the White Rose Group.

The ladies joined the men in the evening for a meal

The following day the group attended the annual Eden Camp Parade. The date for the 2019 parade is Sunday the 8th September. More info nearer the time.

The next TCA WRG meeting is to be held on 12th January 2019. The group are also planning visiting the Marshland Maritime Museum with a date set provisionally for 15th or 16th March 2019.

L – R Clive Dennison, Terry Foreman, Jeremy Mackrell, Pincher Martin, Les Sharpe, Alan Clayton & Allan Brown (note they got the ensign right for a change).

Jeremy getting stung for a round.

Dinner with the ladies.

The Eden Parade. L – R Clive Dennison. Tony Brooks York RNA, Dave Parrish TCA Northern Standard Bearer, Terry Foreman, David Browne, Allan Brown & John Rodgers Selby RNA.


A brief report on Saturday the 21st July 2018 meeting.

By Allan Brown

Present Trevor Watson, Ken Rutherford, Clive Dennison, David Browne, Dave Parrish, Terry Foreman, John Rogers, Jeremy Mackrell and Allan Brown (the gaffer). Apologies from Pincher Martin, Stan McLellan, Les Sharpe & Mark Cornforth.

We had the usual problems with the ‘Colour’ party. I must take responsibility as I asked a Stoker and a TAS rating to hoist the Ensign. Lesson learnt.

Correspondence. Circulated email from Stan regarding White Ensign for funerals. Email from Mark Cornforth apologising, will not be able to attend for about three months. Working in the British Virgin Islands ( lucky man).

Contacted various prospective new members.

Clive Dennison gave an update as TCA Reunion Sec/ Vice Chair. Details regarding the 2019 event will be released in due course.

He also gave a briefing on how many TCA members still were not paying the correct amount of subscriptions.

Trip to Marshlands Maritime museum.

About eight of us are interested in visiting the museum. Tentative date of 15 th- 16 th March. I will contact the museum for details.

AOB Trevor showed the group the Defence discount card. Also HMS Trincamalee in Hartlepool is back in operation.

Ken piped ” Up spirits” and the meeting closed.

Another good meeting with people prepared to travel quite a distance to make a great afternoon.

Dabbers & Stokes at work

The end result 

 Saturday 13th January meeting report

Present: Ken Rutherford,Clive Dennison, Jeremy Mackrell,Alan Clayton,Mike “Pincher” Martin, Dave Parrish,John Rogers (new member),Terry Foreman and myself Allan Brown.

Apologies from Pancho, Bernard Jones,Trevor Watson, Stan McLellan, David Browne and Les Sharpe.

Events for 2018.

March 10th TCA Committee meeting Portsmouth. Terry & Jane Foreman,Dave & Janice Parrish, Clive & Sue Dennison & Allan & Sue Brown attending.

April 21st. Meeting in the Longboat bar 1300 followed by a meal at 1600.

July 21st meeting in Longboat bar 1300.

September 8th Meeting 1300 followed by meal 1600 in Longboat bar.

September 9th Eden camp Museum All Services Remembrance Parade, Malton.

October 12th – 14th. TCA Reunion and AGM. Four as above attending, plus possibly Pancho and David Browne.

It was agreed that in future we would book the meals for 1600 to enable those travelling from away to return home in reasonable time.

Credit must go to Ken and Ann who travel from Sunderland and David Browne who comes over from Lancashire. Plus the lads from various parts of Yorkshire. BZ to them for making the branch a success.

Trip to Marshland Maritime Museum. No dates as yet.

Rather than two of us trying to liaise with Peter Down TCA Hon Sec regarding Northern venue for 2019 Committee meeting Clive Dennison has volunteered to take on that role.

At the end of the meeting Ken piped “Up Spirits” and Jeremy proposed the Loyal Toast (made of course seated).

Clive smuggled a bottle of “Pussers” into the bar, so a good time was had by all. I just hope he saved some for Bob Dean (he better had).

Looking forward to meeting up in March.

Yours Aye, Allan.

P****d Again Well Polished


April 2018 meeting report

Apologies from Pancho Brett, Bernard Jones, Les Sharpe, David Browne & Ken Rutherford. Present were Clive Dennison, Pincher Martin, Dave Parrish, Terry Foreman,John Rodgers, Trevor Watson, Alan Clayton and myself.

I Gave a report on prospective new members. Mark Cornforth, Lawrence Christensen and Michael Priestman. They were unable to attend but were interested in joining.

It was agreed that as some of us had attended the TCA Committee meeting in Portsmouth this March and we had events in September and the Reunion in October. It was decided to put off our trip to the Maritime museum in Kings Lynn until next year.

Congratulations to Clive Dennison on his appointment to TCA Vice Chairman and Reunion secretary. It will be nice to have a voice from the North of England.

I gave a brief report on the March TCA Committee meeting. Clive updated us on the proposed 2019 reunion in Hull. It would appear to be a no no for various reasons. He will keep us informed in due course.

A suggestion was made as to Dress of the Day for meals. It was decided that we would be more comfortable in RN ,TCA or White Rose polo shirts. The exception is the meeting/ meal on Saturday the 8 th of September. Prior to the All Services Remembrance Parade at Eden Camp Museum.

Dave gave report on his Standard Bearers duty. He pointed out that some members were not aware that a Standard Bearer was available for funeral etc. Also I have a White Ensign if one is required for the coffin. If families require a one or both they only need to let me know.

The ladies joined us at 1600 for our meal. Another good day with like minded mates..

Next meeting 21 st of July.


September 2017

A brief report on yesterday’s (09/09/17) meeting/meal.

Before we go off to the All Services Remembrance parade at Eden Camp Museum. Attending were Trevor Dixon (guest), Trevor Watson, Clive Dennison, Ken Rutherford, Dave Parrish, Mike “Pincher” Martin, Jeremy Mackrell, myself (Allan Brown) and Terry Foreman. This is the order from left to right in the photo.

Next meeting is Saturday the 13th of January, 1300 in the Longboat bar.

Proposal for a mini meeting to visit the RN Patrol Service Museum in Lowestoft and Maritime Museum in Clenchwarton, Kings Lynn (highly recommended). Eight members have  expressed an interest. I will meet with Stan ? at the Victorious reunion in October.

Alan Clayton has donated a wooden plaque of HMS Kellington to be raffled/ auctioned at the TCA reunion.

Ken Rutherford then piped “Up spirits”.

The ladies joined us for the meal at 1630. After the meal Jeremy proposed the Loyal toast.

Jeremy had copied a dit which had been in TT some time ago. Health and Safety before the Battle of Trafalgar parody. He took Nelson’s part and I was Hardy. Seemed to go down well.

Yours Aye.



Good afternoon Gentlemen Allan ‘Buster’ Brown here.

A brief report on our meeting held on the 22nd July 2017. As usual we met in the Longboat bar. Present were Clive Dennison, Trevor Watson, Dave Parrish, Terry Foreman, “Pincher” Martin , Ken Rutherford, Alan Clayton and myself.

Apologise from Pancho Brett, Bernard Jones, David Browne and Les Sharpe.

We had a pleasant surprise when Alan Clayton joined us on a flying visit. Even better, he sneaked in a bottle of “Pussers” for us to enjoy.

We will have to rethink our trip to the Marshland Maritime Museum, as the date we had first thought of is over the Easter weekend next year. I will wait till I meet up with Stan  McLellan at the HMS Victorious reunion in October as it is hoped to be a joint venture with both groups going to the RN Patrol Service museum and the Maritime Museum. When we meet on September the 9th we will decide dates for  meetings/meals during 2018.

Meeting over, “Up Spirits” was piped. Toasts were made to ” Absent Friends” ” The  Queen ”  and the “TCA” ( all seated ). Then it was ” Hands to skylark and lamp swing”.

L – R Clive Dennison, Allan ‘Buster’ Brown, Trevor Watson, Dave Parrish, Terry Foreman & ‘Pincher’ Martin   The Governor waiting for someone to buy him a drink 🙂


A note for your diary. 9th of September meeting 1300 followed by a meal 1630 to be held as usual at the Longboat Bar of the Premier Inn, Blossom St, York YO24 1BT      

10th of September muster 1400 in or near the NAAFI at Eden Camp Museum for All Services Remembrance parade. Dress of the day for Saturday is Blazers and Ties. Sunday Blazers,Ties and Medals. Look forward to meeting up again. 

Yours Aye,



The White Rose group of the TCA had another good turn out for the second meeting of the year.

Attending were Jeremy Mackrall, David Browne, Trevor Watson, Terry Foreman, Dave Parrish, Ken Rutherford, Clive Dennison, Mick Martin, Stan McLellan & myself Allan Brown. Also attending for the meal were ex RN Trevor Dixon and his wife Elaine.

Apologise received from Pancho Brett, Bernard Jones, Alan Clayton & Les Sharpe.

Special mention must go to Ken Rutherford who is recovering from a broken hip and it’s replacement. Trevor Watson who has been in hospital and still had stitches in his stomach and Stan McLellan who got soaked waiting for his bus and had to go home to change. BZ Great effort from them.

I started off with Peter Downs e-mail request regarding the forthcoming book Life In The Tons (LITT’s) re wives Dits.

We then went on to discuss a visit to RN Patrol Service museum combined with visit to Marshland Maritime Museum (www.marshlandmaritimemuseum.com) . We will join up with members from the HMS Victorious Association and the FAA.  I will liaise with Stan. Tentative date is Friday 30th of March to Sunday 1st of April 2018.

Date for next meeting is July 22nd 2017.

Clive Dennison gave a report on the TCA Committee meeting in Portsmouth.

Matters arising. Several members queried why we could not have meetings further North. Clive explained that as most of the committee lived down South , they preferred not to travel (not quite right. It is because the majority of the committee and the regular attendees live in the south. The association is always open to suggestions).

Loyal Toast. It was unanimously agreed that we will continue with the age old tradition of remaining seated for the Loyal toast at our meetings and dinners ( see photo).


Stan showed us some prints of a Foo Foo band ( not an April fools joke). Apparently it dated back to the days  of sail and was the for runner of the Sod’s opera . 

Ken piped Up spirits which surprise the other guests in the pub.

We then had time to swing the lamp before the ladies joined us for dinner.

Ken told how he came to break his hip. Buster then told how his wife Wendy had to be rescued by the mountain rescue service but Jeremy black catted him by telling how Norma had to be Air lifted to hospital.

A good time was had by all. Pipe ” Able seaman Hall reg office”. 

Dave Parrish & Terry Foreman (no drink in front of Dave ? He must have left his wallet key at home) 😉


Good afternoon Gentlemen

Yesterday afternoon the 21st January 2017, nine good men and true mustered in the Longboat Bar in York. Present were Pancho Brett,Dave Parrish, Clive Dennison, Trevor Watson, Terry Foreman, Dave Browne, Mike ” Pincher” Martin, Jeremy Mackrell and Allan Brown. Apologise from  Ken Rutherford ( hip replacement) , Les Sharpe, Phil Waite and Alan Clayton.

Hilary MacDonald the widow of one of the branch founder member’s Stuart called in for a quick chat. We will keep her informed of events.

It was agreed that we would hold meetings every three months. January, April,July and September. September would be out of rotation to coincide with Eden Camp. We are to hold at least two meals a year, after a meeting. The first is April the 1st ( yes we know). 1300 meeting followed by the ladies joining us for a meal at 1630 at the Longboat Bar, Premier Inn, York. The next September the 9th the day before Eden Camp. Pancho is to look into a trip down the river to Acaster Malbis for a meal. All are welcome.

We are also looking into a trip to the Marshland museum (see  www.marshlandmaritimemuseum.com ).

Eden Camp All Services Remembrance parade 10 th of September. More details when available.

TCA Annual reunion. Urged members to attend. Clive pointed out that we should pay as soon as possible to prevent Peter Harrison incurring expense (booking form will probably be in the next edition of Ton Talk).  

Clive also mentioned forthcoming 30 year celebrations. See this website for full details. clickherePancho was congratulated for his good work after stepping down as SCC liaison officer.  

Clive is to take post of TS Kellington liaison officer.

Looking for a volunteer for the post at TS Highburton. At a push Jeremy would look into taking over but he lives a fair distance away and is in his late 70’s early 80’s. Pancho is going to contact TCA members who live in Huddersfield to fill the post.

On close of meeting ” Up spirits” was piped and Jeremy proposed a toast to the Queen.

Another good afternoon with a great bunch of lad’s. Trevor Watson is not in photo.

Cheers Buster.

 Here are a few pictures depicting the seriousness of this event.


L-R Allan Brown, Dave Parrish, Terry Foreman, David Browne, Mike ‘Pincher’ Martin, ‘Pancho’ Brett & Jeremy Mackrell.



jan-17-od Pictures courtesy of Clive Dennison


The first meeting of the new year will be on Saturday the 21 st of January. 1300 in the Longboat bar of the Premier Inn, Blossom St ,York  YO24 1BT. Dress of the day is casual.

 We will be discussing events for 2017 so get your thinking caps on.

Some suggestions so far. Trip to HMS Trincomalee in Hartlepool. Stan has been advised that the museum is up and running again. A social event with other organisations i e RNA with a games tournament. Brewery run. Some are just as happy to meet up and have a few jars. Any more? answers on a Postcard .

Another item for discussion is should our meetings that are followed by a meal be at 1600 to enable those travelling home to set off earlier. Your thoughts gentlemen.

Just to finish, those of us who attended the reunion agreed that it was the best yet. Good hotel, attentive staff and best of all. A great bunch of mates. Never stopped laughing all weekend (made all the better by a great bunch of Yorkshire men and their lovely ladies Webmaster). Yorkies 05 Yorkies 07

Yours Aye,



September 2016 Meeting & Eden Camp Parade Allan Brown

Can I report that last evening (10th), the White Rose branch of the TCA met for a meal in the Longboat Restaurant, York. Present were Mike & Judy Martin, Dave & Janice Parrish, Clive & Sue Dennison, Trevor & Eileen Watson, Stuart & Hilary MacDonald, Terry & Jane Foreman, Les Sharpe and friend Jaquie and Allan & Sue Brown. Les had travelled all the way up from Portsmouth just to buy us all a tot. BZ for making the effort.

The White Rose branch of the TCA attended the All Services Remembrance Parade at Eden camp museum near Malton. The weather was ideal, nice and sunny with a gentle breeze. It was good to meet Bill Pollington for the first time. Also have a chance to chat to John Preston and David Stott who always come over from Lancashire. Les Sharpe had travelled up from Portsmouth. White Rose member Stan McLellan led the HMS Victorious party. The parade was led by the excellent band of the Yorkshire Volunteers. After a short march to the parade ground, a very moving service was held.

Pictured are from left to right are Clive Dennison, John Preston, David Stott, Bill Pollington, Terry Foreman, David Browne, Dave Parrish, Mike Martin, Allan Brown,, Les Sharpe and Trevor Watson.  Not in the picture Stuart MacDonald.

Group 05

Standard Bearer & Apprentice

TCA Northern Standard Bearer John Preston with his apprentice Dave Parrish

Trio 01 In the middle the main man Allan Brown Bill Pollington 01 Bill Pollington

Pictures courtesy of Allan Brown & Clive Dennison


Meal 03

White Rose June 2016 oa

July 2016 Meeting – Allan Brown

Good morning Gentlemen,

                                          On the afternoon of the 2nd July 2016  twelve men and true mustered in the Longboat bar, York.

We welcomed guest Peter Barnes (HMS Victorious Association). Also Trevor Dixon who is ex RN but never served on “Tons”. Trevor would like to become an associate member of the TCA. I will provide our membership secretary’s contact details to him (note! membership application forms can be downloaded from this website).

 I gave out details of the All Services Remembrance Parade at Eden Camp to be held on the 11th September.

Stan McLellan gave a report on our proposed trip to HMS Trincomalee. She is in the process of being taken over by Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Museum and there is some confusion over what will happen and when. We decided to “scrub round” the idea for now.

Instead we decided to have an evening meal on the Saturday before Eden camp (10 th September). All are welcome but contact Allan in the first instance.

After the loyal toast it was “Hands to black cat and lamp swing “. A good time was had by all.

Cheers, Buster.

Picture from l-r Trevor Dixon, Dave Parrish, Stan McLellan, Jeremy Mackrell, Allan Brown, Ken Rutherford, Stuart MacDonald, Peter Barnes, Mick Martin, Trevor Watson, Terry Foreman & David Browne.


New Headingly Club
On Saturday 14th May after lunch and a tot to Her Majesty the Queen a Uckers Knock Out Competition was held in Leeds. Alan ‘Buster’ Brown’s report follows.

The White Rose branch went across to Leeds to play in the Uckers match. Unfortunately we were a depleted squad owing to illness and holidays. Present were Terry Foreman, Dave Parrish and myself. Other teams were the Leeds RNA, York RNA and the Fleet Air Arm association. The event was hosted by the HMS Victorious association led by Stan McLellan who is also a TCA member. A good time was had by all. We may also have recruited a new member. Before the half time buffet Stan proposed a toast to the Queen on her birthday. The final was won by Peter Shepherd, York RNA chairman and his Uckers partner Margret. I was runner up with Derek Eggleton from York RNA. It is hoped to have a return match in York.

Dscf0144 Dscf0142

Top Photo shows Peter and Margret with their trophy and Derek and I with ours.

Yours Aye, Allan

DSCF0140 Dscf0139

2nd set of photos show Terry and Dave concentrating on the game and Stan making the toast. 



On the 12th of March, the White Rose branch of the TCA met for our first event of 2016.
We had a marvellous turn out. Pancho,Ken Rutherford, Clive Dennison, Trevor Watson, Terry Foreman, Dave Parrish, Jeremy Mackrell,Les Sharpe,Stan McLellan, David Browne and myself. With the added bonus of new members “Pincher ” Martin, Steve Price and John Rogers.
Les bought the first rum ration and provided the rum tub to issue it from. Things went down hill from then onward. We agreed a meeting for July, date to be confirmed. Stan is to look into a trip to HMS Trincomalee in Hartlepool.
At the close of the meeting, Ken piped “Up spirits” and the Loyal toast was made by Pancho.
The ladies joined us for a nice meal afterwards and we finished off with another toast.
A good time was had by all.

 March 2016 06 White Rose Badge IMG_4760 March 2016 01 March 2016 03 White Rose 03-16 oa


Members have stated that they wanted to carry on with what has become a tradition “The All Services Remembrance Parade” at Eden Camp museum on Sunday 11th September 2016.
An idea was put forward for a short weekend away in late October. Various members were tasked to look into venues.
As usual it was a lively meeting and we were entertained by some long winded dits from Stan and David Browne.
Clive Dennison brought some plans and logs from HMS Kellington which were studied with interest by us all.
The meeting closed with Ken Rutherford piping “Up spirits”. A toast was made to one of our founder members Roy Roden, who sadly crossed the bar


Eden Camp 01 2015

Gun Crew Eden Camp 2015

The guns crew are Dave Parrish, Terry Foreman and Allan Brown


White Rose Brewery Run 20th June 2015

A joint report supplied by Area Sec Allan Brown with additional material supplied by Ken Rutherford. On Saturday 20th June 2015 the White Rose branch of the TCA gathered at their usual watering hole, the Longboat Bar, York. For easy access they always occupy the table nearest to the bar. This meeting had the pleasure of the company of the TCA Hon Sec Peter Down and his son Andrew who is a serving Major in the British Army. The day was a truly special occasion as Peter was celebrating his 77th birthday.

The session got underway with a few ales and Sea Dits of the “Punishment Table” stories of the ‘Late Back from Shore Leave’ type. Peter represented those from the opposite side of the table i.e. those who kept their head gear on. Before setting off for the brewery the Area Sec presented Peter with a TCA White Rose tot glass which was duly filled with rum and all present joined in a toast to Peters good health.

The brewery was conveniently only a short walk away and once in the tour started immediately. The group having experienced brewery runs before judged this one to be one of the best. Thanks to all at the York Brewery Company for hosting the event, to Pancho Brett for organising the run and Allan Brown for all the behind the scenes running around work he put in. Those attending were: –

Allan Brown, Pancho Brett, Ken Rutherford, Dave Parish, Terry Foreman, David Browne, Stuart MacDonald plus guests Peter Down, Andrew Down and Phil Smith. Photos to follow hopefully. Apologies were received form Clive Dennison, Jeremy Mackrell and Alan Clayton.


The White Rose branch of the TCA met on Saturday 7th March 2015 in the Longboat bar,York. Present were David Browne, Pancho Brett,Alan Clayton,Terry Foreman, Jeremy Mackrell, Dave Parrish, Ken Rutherford, Roy Roden and myself Allan Brown.

Pancho gave a report on the Brewery run and it was agreed that we should book Saturday 20th of June. Meeting at the Longboat bar at 1300 for a 1400 trip. Men only. Dress of the day “Banyan rig”. Cost £6. Further info www.york-brewery.co.uk members to confirm by 30th March.

Ken gave a report on setting up the Facebook page. Pancho is going to try to contact the Navy News.

We agreed to have a branch run ashore in Southport for the AGM and reunion. As this is very close to the Eden camp parade, we decided not to have a Dinner on the Saturday. 5th December we are to hold a pre Christmas drink/meeting.

As Buster and Jeremy could not stay for the meal, we had “Up Spirits” before the meeting closed. We then joined the ladies for our meal. Of course we had to have another tot for the Loyal toast. HMS York’s Crest was presented to the group by Pancho.

Yours Aye, Buster



TCA White Rose members will be attending the ‘All Services Remembrance Parade to be held at Eden Camp on Sunday September the 7th. For further details contact your reps (see details below)


TCA White Rose members will be holding their pre Christmas meeting on Saturday December the 5th. For further details contact your reps (see details below)


We are always looking to recruit new members.
If you require any further information, please contact me Alan Brown (see below for contact details).

TCA White Rose Branch

Joint Area Rep & Social Sec: Colin (Pancho) Brett

Colin "Pancho" Brett

Colin “Pancho” Brett

Phone No: 01302 883331

E-mail: (Pancho)

Joint Area Rep & Hon. Sec. Allan (Buster) Brown

Allan 'Buster' Brown Yorkshire Rep

Contact Buster or Pancho or both (see e-mail & phone numbers elsewhere on this page).

Although I will probably get some stick from Pancho for revealing this but apparently he was Honour Guard at Queen Victoria’s or Winston Churchill’s funeral ( I forget which).

Cheers, Buster.

Yours Aye, Buster.

All are very welcome & the Yorkshire branch of the TCA is open to any TCA member plus those who served on Ton Class ships of the RN.

For further information contact Allan on: –

01904 750786 or e-mail to a-brown@sky.com or write to: –

42 Southdown Road, Huntington, York, YO32 9RW

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