Soberton M1200


SOBERTON, upon completion on 17th September 1957, joined the Fishery Protection Squadron and stayed there throughout her career, until de-commissioning in 1991.


Soberton Postmark

Soberton Postmark

On the occasion of a courtesy visit to the German port of Bremerhaven in July 1963 the Fishery Protection vessel
HMS Soberton was honoured by the local post office by commissioning a special postmark to mark the visit.
One of our TCA members was a member of the ships company at the time.
The image shows the envelope with a superbly clear postmark sent from Germany to Paris.

Laid Down: 11th March 1955

Built By: Fleetlands Shipyards Ltd (Gosport)

Completed: 17th September 1957

Time to Build: 30 months

Commissioned: 12thFebruary 1958 for Fishery Protection Squadron (FPS) based Port Edgar

Years Fully Operational: 32

Outline of Operational Career:

24th February 1958 Started first Fishery Protection Patrol

1958 – 1992 Fishery Protection Patrols & Exercises in UK Waters

24th July 1960 Visit of FPS to Grimsby for Freedom of Port Ceremony

May 1963 Clearance Operation ‘Clear road’ off Esjberg

3rd July 1978 Started Long Refit at Chatham

7th February 1992 Final Day of Fishery Protection Patrols

Significant Events:

26th April 1962 Fought fire in MV Olympic Thunder. Salvage claim

4th September 1964 At opening of Forth Road Bridge by HM The Queen

6th January 1967 Collision with Letterston. Damage to starboard side

31st March 1967 Took part in Oil Slick mop up ex Tory Canyon

1971 Carried out 16 successful FV arrests during the year

27th May 1977 Salvaged French FV St Lucien off Guernsey

12 April 1982 Ships Company manned MV Northella for Falklands War. Ship continued FP with largely new crew

8th May 1984 At opening of Thames Barrier by HM The Queen

8th July 1987 Boarding Party locked down in in Dutch FV Hold

28th October 1989 Salvage of MV Fair Play off Eddystone

30th November 1990 Awarded Wilkinson Sword of Peace for 1990

1992 – 1997 Soberton employed as HQ for Woolwich Sea Cadets berthed off Erith

Paid Off: 1st March 1992

Disposal: 15th July 1998. Sold to Bakkerzonen at Bruges for break up


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