Shoulton M1182


SHOULTON was converted to a prototype minehunter in 1963 for a competitive ‘Hunt-off’ against the USN’s AN/UQS-1. SHOULTON won hands down. She, later, trialled a Pump Jet Propulsion System in 1967. She was broken up in 1981.

Laid Down: 17th March 1953

Built By: Montrose Shipbuilding Co Ltd

Completed: 16th November 1955

Time to Build: 32 months

Commissioned: 10th May 1957 for 51st (Trials) Minesweeping Squadron (MSS) based at Portland

Conversion: To Minehunting Trials Ship 1956 -1957

Years Fully Operational: 20

Outline of Operational Career:

1957 – 1959 Initial Minehunting Equipment trials

August 1959 – June 1960 Deployment to USA & Canada for Minehunting System Evaluation Trials & Demonstrations

1961 – 1962 Exercises in Home Waters & Minehunting System Demonstrations to European Navies

1st October 1962 1st Minehunting Squadron as SO based Port Edgar

1963 – 1966 Minehunting Trials & Exercises in European Waters

1966 – 1967 Conversion to Pump Jet Propulsion

5th April 1967 Recommissioned for Trials of New Equipment as Senior Officer 3rd MCMS based at Portland

1968 – 1978 Trials in UK Waters & European Port Visits including 58 days Grenada Patrol 1973 – 1977

Significant Events:

17th October 1962 Attended Fleet review by Kink Olaf of Norway

June – July 1963 Operation Cableway off Borkum

May 1964 Located wreck of Dutch ship ‘De Liefede’ sunk 1711

March – August 1968 Search for Air Lingus Viscount aircraft. 94 days on task

January 1972 First PAP Trials (Automated Mini Submarine) based in Brest

Paid Off: 23rd November 1978

Disposal: 2nd February 1981 sold to CK Booth at Blyth for break up


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  1. Hello, I have found your site having just purchased a copy of Last of the Wooden Walls, I served on HMS Shoulton from 1966 to 1967 when I left to go on LCEM’s course. We were accommodated in HMS Vernon for most of that time as Shoulton was undergoing a major update which included a nine ton outboard motor which proved very useful as we failed sea trials round the Isle of Wight with swarf in the fuel system for main engines and came home using the outboard motor. I tried to register with you but as usual I made a mess of it.
    Martin Jones

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