Pollington M1173



Entering                                                 Rosyth Mascot

'POLLY' - Worn on her bridge screen when in service.

POLLINGTON joined the Fishery Protection Squadron in 1976 after 15 years in the RNR. She stayed there for the rest of her active life.

Laid Down:

Completed: 5th September 1958

Time to build: 41 months

Commissioned: October 1959 for 101st (RNR) Minesweeping Squadron as HMS Mersey based Liverpool

Years Fully Operational: 22

Outline of Operational Career:

1960 – 1975 Weekend & continuous training periods & visits to UK and European Ports

1962 101st renamed 10th MCMS

1963 – 1971 Deployments to Gibraltar (Rockhaul/Mainhaul Series) annually in August/September (except 1965, 66 and 68)

November 1975 Paid Off to Reserve

11February 1978 Commissioned at Chatham for Fishery Protection Squadron (FPS)

1978 – 1985 Fishery Protection Patrols

Significant Events:

June 1963 Took part in Operation Cable Lay, a live minesweeping operation based on Borkum

February – April 1965 Took part in Operation Stop Gap, deployment of 3 RNR ships and an RFA to West Indies

May 1968 Took part in Operation New Broom, live minesweeping operation based on Borkum

August – September 1973 Took part in Operation Maplehaul, RNR deployment to Canadian East Coast ports

3rd August 1979 Embarked King Olav of Norway for day to review Manx Herring Fleet

Paid Off: 28th March 1985

Disposal: 25th March 1987 sold to Queenborough, Cairnryan for breakup.

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  1. Hi Derek,
    Thanks for getting in touch.
    It is always interesting to receive dits from Ton crew members.
    If you have any stories, photos, press cuttings or memorabilia we would love to hear more. Dits are especially welcome as we are trying to make the ships histories more than just a list of locations and dates.

    Best wishes


  2. Hi There,
    I was permanent staff (RN) at HMS Eaglet (RNR Merseyside) in 1963/64 and I believe the sweeper at that time was HMS Pollington but renamed HMS Mersey. When I joined the RNR in Liverpool in 1980’s I am unsure if it was the same sweeper (ie Pollington). Anybody know?



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