Iveston M1151


M 1151

On the Thames

IVESTON, on 29 July 1975, managed to rescue a pilot of a twin-engined aircraft, which ditched 5 miles off the coast of the Isle of Wight. Sea Cadet training ship until September 2014 when she became uneconomical for the Sea Cadets to maintain. Ship sold to a Tilbury Harbour Pilot.

Laid Down: 20th October 1952

Built By: Philip & Sons, Dartmouth

Completed: 29th June 1955

Time to Build: 34 months

Commissioned: 16th October 1964 for 1st MSS based Port Edgar

Years Fully Operational: 28

Conversion: January 1963 to August 1964 at Devonport to Minehunter with Deltic Engines

Outline of Operational Career:

13th November 1964 Arrived Port Edgar

1964 – 1970 Minehunting Tasks, Exercises & Visits, Home Waters

29th March 1971 Transferred to 3rd MCMS based Portland

April 1972 Transferred to 2nd MCMS based Portsmouth

1973 – 1981 Type 193M Trials, Exercises & Visits

1982 Type 2093 & Sidescan Sonar Trials

October 1982 – January 1984 Long Refit at Rosyth

July – August 1984 MSSA 2 Sweep Trials

May – July 1985 Deployment to Mediterranean, including Toulon

1st January 1989 Transferred to 3rd MCMS based Portsmouth

October – November 1989 3rd MCM Deployment to Mediterranean including Palma

February – May 1991 Attached to STANAVFORCHAN in Mediterranean

1st October 1991 Lent to Fishery Protection Squadron

Significant Events:

February – May 1968 Operation New Broom, live mine clearance Den Helder to Borkum

10th June 1976 Carried out 19 Operation Grenada boardings in one day

19th April 1980 Bows badly damaged in berthing incident at Portland

1982 Iveston won Plessey Mine Warfare Trophy

24th October 1989 Damaged by Hubberston during unberthing at Ibiza

1992 Iveston won Plessey Mine Warfare Trophy

Paid Off: 21st July 1992

Disposal: 28th August 1993 to Sea Cadets. At May 2014 still in commission with Tilbury Sea Cadets as HQ. September 2014 sold to a Tilbury Harbour Pilot.

Iveston image 01 The Last Sunset

IVY Bows

Iveston image 02  Ivy stern 2 Iveston image 03 Iveston image 04

Sea Cadets De-Commissioning Parade

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  1. She has just been sold to breakers at Erith sadly. Photos on my website

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