Ilmington M1148


M 1148


Ilmington                                Formosa

ILMINGTON joined the 105th M.S.S. for her first commission before being placed in ‘Operational Reserve’ at Hythe for 9 years. She was then sold on to the Argentine Navy, in 1968, and re-named ARA FORMOSA.

Laid Down: 24th December 1952

Built By: Camper & Nicholson Ltd, Gosport

Completed: 5th January 1955

Time to Build: 24 months

Commissioned: 12th February 1955 for 105th MSS based Harwich

Years Fully Operational: 2 with RN

Outline of Operational Career:

22nd February 1955 Joined 105th MSS at Harwich

1955 – 1956 Exercises & Visits in Home Waters

Significant Events:

Paid Off: 1957

Disposal: 19th July 1968 Sold to Argentina as ARA Formosa M6

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  2. Mareen Roberts (nee Barlow)

    My name is Maureen Roberts (nee Barlow) and the last surviving member of the Barlow Family. I am trying to find anyone who knew my brother or of him when he served on HMS Ilmington on what would have been her first trip out of home waters to the Suez canal in 1956. My Brother’s name was Jack Barlow and he graduated out of HMS Raleigh as `Mechanical Engineer’ on, or about 1956. I have a photo of him posing with mates at `Raieigh’ and can submit it to anyone interested.
    Jack never made it to Suez and is buried at Gibraltar in North Front Cemetery in a Royal Navy grave. There was an incident on shore, after which he was taken to the Military Hospital from where he did not recover. For my own interest and to put some family `ghosts’ to rest, I would be grateful for any help in finding out what happened during shore-leave from `the Ilmington’ on the 31st. August 1956. This is probably my last opportunity to find out, as previous family members lost original Navy communications and I would prefer contact with any members still alive who may have known him or were with him on the day. ……… thanks in anticipation ….Maureen Roberts (Mrs.)

    • Dear Maureen,
      Firstly may I say how sorry I am having read your sad message.
      Being the Team Leader of our historical group I know about the Ton Class vessels being sent to Suez.However I have not heard about this sad event.
      Now what I can do is the following: –
      I will give your letter some prominence on this web site
      I will search our records to see if we have any members who also served on the Ilmington at this time.
      I could also pass your request to the editor of our bi-monthly magazine to ask him if he would put it in the ‘Letters’ section. However I know that the next edition has gone to print & I believe the February edition is just about full so if he decides he will publish it there would be a fairly long gap.
      Please feel free to contact me directly by e-mail (address can be found on the ‘Committee’ page of this web site) should you so wish.
      Best wishes

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