Highburton M1130


M 1130

HIGHBURTON  became the first TON to be powered by the new Napier Deltic, Light-weight, diesel engine.

Laid Down: 21st January 1953

Built By: J I Thornycroft, Southampton

Completed: 21st May 1955

Time to Build: 28 months (first Deltic Ton)

Commissioned: 21st May 1955 for 105th MSS based Harwich

Years Fully Operational: 18

 Outline of Operational Career:

9th August 1955 Joined 105th MSS at Harwich

August-September 1956 Escorted Inshore Minesweepers to Malta

October-November 1956 Escorted Inshore Minesweepers to UK

1957 Long refit Chatham

1958-1959 50th MSS (Trials) Squadron at Port Edgar

November 1959 50th MSS (Trials) Squadron moved to Portland

1st October 1962 50th MSS renamed 3rd MSS

January-April 1965 Crew commissioned Carhampton in Aden Emergency

1972 In Reserve at Gibraltar. Commissioned for FPS in October

1973-1976 Fishery Protection Squadron based Port Edgar

Significant Events:

23 August 1955 Visited Copenhagen to demonstrate Deltic Engine

October 1955 Suffered 5 funnel fires on passage Brest to Harwich

5th October 1956 Major Funnel Fire approaching Toranto

October 1956 Withdrawn from Operation MUSKETEER

Paid Off 3rd March 1976

Disposal 20th February 1978 sold to Tees Marine Services, Middlesborough for break up

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  1. I was the Buffer in 1968 -70 based at Portland on sea trials . any other crew members out there ?

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