Ton Class Ships

TONAC                Alcaston to Cuxton

TONDJ                Dalswinton to Jackton

TONKR                Kedleston to Rodington

TONSY                 Santon to Yarnton 

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5 Responses to Tons

  1. Dear Sir, I’m sorry if this is not the correct procedure for this inquiry into my quest to find the four “Tons” built by the Dorset Yacht Co. as per the Summary
    of All Coastal Craft by Builder -1951 – 57 on page 31. in the book “Last of The Wooden Walls” Having read “Jacks of All Trades” and carried out other investigations on the internet I can only find three? These being :- HMS Invermoriston M1150, HMS Durweston (Kakinda Indian Navy) & HMS Stratton (Kimberley South African Navy). I know another two “Tons” Durban & Windhoek were built privately for the S.A. Navy but cannot find who they were built by? According to Lake Yards website (Dorset Yacht Co) they built 2 “Tons” & 5 “Ham Class” In the Summary as mentioned above, The Dorset Yacht Co. built :- 4 Tons, 2 Ham Class & 1 Ley Class.
    Can you please advise me as to the missing “Ton” & the correct number of Ham or Ley Class built by The Dorset Yacht Co. Hamworthy Poole.
    Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide. Gordon Guthrie.

    • Gordon,
      Apologies for lateness of reply. Bit of a medical problem has set me back and am trying to clear a backlog of questions and queries.
      I will get back to you asap.

      Best wishes

  2. what happened to the page the last remaining tons

    • Gary since I took over the new website plus the fact that there are almost no Tons left it was a low priority. However if you would like me to construct a section/page please let me have your latest update and when time allows (after next weeks reunion) I will see what I can do.


  3. According to Jack Worth’s British Warships Since 1945 pt4 Minesweepers, the Dorset Yacht Co. built the 3 Tons mentioned above, Portisham, Wrentham and Burley.

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