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Welcome to the new TCA WEBSITE We hope you like it & contribute by e-mail or, better still, the Forum. We welcome items, suggestions & constructive criticism to enable us to provide you with a site that meets the associations expectations. I look forward to hearing from you.

Registration: In order to access the full website please register an account here. We have received a lot of dubious applications recently most having a Romanian extension. These I have deleted alongside a few others. If you are a genuine applicant & haven’t been approved please contact me with evidence of your eligibility (TCA Membership number or other RN info) so that I can give you access.


Black Friday Cartoon

Not long to Black Friday 2015


11th MCS Announcement

A report & pictures of the 11th MCM Reunion is on the ‘Latest News’ page.


A New Website

Some TCA members will know that a selection of Ton items and materiel have been given to the Marshland Maritime Museum. So as to bring this and other naval related collections to the attention of all interested parties it was decided to assist the owner Mike Smith, a TCA member, by producing a dedicated website as opposed to the pages he currently has on another RN site.

 It will take some time before all the internet browsers pick up the new domain name, but meanwhile you can access the new website by typing “” in the bar at the top of your browser page. Remember the dot com. See also inside rear cover of the next edition of Ton Talk. Alternatively (click here)


Old member? – We haven’t had any forum resets, or any loss of accounts with the forum since its upgrade. I would suggest supplying me with the “Username” and any other email addresses you have that may have been used to register in the past. I can then conduct an investigation.
Extra Tips for registration: When registering to the forum please make sure all fields are are filled out. Username, email address, password, and the three security questions before pressing register. You will then receive an email telling you that we are currently processing your application and you will receive an approval when we have checked your application.

When you have received this email you will then be able to login using the details you provided in the registration process. You only need to type your username + password to gain access to your account, you don’t need to enter your email address as your username. We just need a email address on file in case of contact purposes.

I hope this has helped resolve the issue here.

Login: Already have an account? Click here.



Please go to our ‘CONA’ page then click on the link to CONA Reports, Articles & Announcements to read information about a current fraud and scam that is circulating. Stay safe out there !!!


Can you help. A member is trying to find information about an incident in Belfast during 1960 when two engineering senior rates went into a dock in a car. Tragically both died. They had been preparing a ‘Minesweeper’ for sea the next day and had just left the ship. Any help with this request will be gratefully received. Information in the first instance to the (web master).

Crossed The Bar

Please be aware that all requests for information to be announced about a member who has Crossed the Bar will be published in Ton Talk. Please contact the editor via this link (click here) Thank you.


New items

Would anyone who served on HMS ILMINGTON especially when the ship sailed for Suez please read the appeal on the “Latest News Items” page.


Return to MALTA May 2015 Maltese Cross

Go to ‘Latest News‘ page for more details about this latest venture.


TS DRAGON (formerly TS Boxer & Ex HMS IVESTON)

It is with regret that we have to announce that the Iveston has become too expensive for the current owners, Thurrock Sea Cadet Unit, to maintain. She has been bought by a Tilbury Harbour Pilot who also owns a ‘towage’ business. The new owner, who obviously knows ships has stated that in all likelihood she will go for scrap but added that there are other options such as with significant alterations she could become a floating office for his business concerns. The Sea Cadets have kindly donated some number of small artefacts to the TCA which are now lodged with the Marshlands Maritime Museum some of which are already on display (watch this site for details of their new web site in due course). We hope to publish pictures of the Iveston’s departure soon but in the meantime –

Iveston image 01

The Last Sunset

IVY Bows Ivy stern 2


The recently upgraded & much improved museum in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard (The National Museum Royal Navy) have published a newsletter full of information that will be of special interest to people planning to visit this attraction.Click on ‘Links‘ above & when on the Links page scroll to the bottom & click on ‘The National Museum Royal Navy‘ link.


Eventful Voyage HMS ARLANZA 1915-16

A new book is promoted for your interest and can be viewed by going to ‘Book Reviews ‘ & clicking on ‘Privately Funded Publications ‘ (above). This is the second & much upgraded publication written by the TCA Hon. Sec. Peter Down. A great read as we remember WWI & the 100 year anniversary.


Conference Of Naval Associations (CONA) – TCA CONA Rep & e-mail link now on CONA page


Item posted 1st February 2014 – For all of you who served out the Far East & were involved in the ‘Confrontation’ & especially Borneo a book about the raid on Limbang has been published by Pen & Sword. Visit their section under BOOK REVIEWS.

If you would like to send an email: Click here