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It was with great sadness that we learned that TCA Chaplain
John Oliver and his wife Margaret had both
Crossed the Bar during February.

Margaret had been seriously ill for some time and latterly had been in a residential home, where she died following a heart attack on 11th February.

John suffered an Aortic Abdominal Aneurysm on 27th February, just two days after the Service of Thanksgiving for Margaret’s Life, held in St Andrew’s Church, Penrith.

TCA was represented at that service by Lady Anne Cox and her son James, Chris Green, Alan and Jill Clayton, and Secretary Peter and Doreen Down.

While not childhood sweethearts, John and Margaret had been in the same class at High View Primary School in Wallington, Surrey.

After school Margaret worked as a secretary and enjoyed tennis, hockey, music and dancing. They met again in 1949 when John had asked her sister to accompany him to a dance and she asked if she could bring her younger sister along, to which John allegedly replied “Well, if you must …”. They married in March 1954 during John’s last year of theological studies at Durham University.

John worked in a bank in London on leaving school and did National Service in the RN in 1946-49 as a Writer in the sloop HMS Black Swan in the Far East, where he witnessed the devastation of war in Singapore, Hong Kong and Hiroshima. From this experience John gained a deep understanding of life on the mess deck which gave him a unique approach to his ministry.

Following ordination in 1956 John was a curate in Bermondsey and moved to a parish in Dulwich in 1958 before re-joining the Navy as a Chaplain in 1961. His first appointment as a Naval Chaplain was to the 108th Minesweeper Squadron in Malta, a parish shared for over two years with the resident submarines.

John was then posted to HMS FISGUARD and in November 1965 he joined HMS ARETHUSA for her first commission. 1967 saw him at RN Air Station HMS CONDOR at Arbroath. Subsequent appointments included RN Engineering College, Manadon, HMS FEARLESS in 1971, Portsmouth Naval Base and the Royal Naval College Greenwich in 1982. Also at Greenwich at that time were Lieutenants Charles, Prince of Wales and John Lippiett.

John was a member of the choir at Greenwich and recordings of the choir made at that time were included in the Services of Thanksgiving for both John and Margaret.

John put in considerable sea time. He would sometimes explain that the best time to visit his parishioners was during the Middle Watch when spirits could be low and a word of comfort, or an opportunity to “chew the fat”, was most welcomed.

Margaret and John kept open house and were famed for their hospitality; a characteristic that endured into their civilian ministry after John retired. He once invited the whole congregation at a Christmas service to “come round afterwards”. Margaret just smiled and coped imperturbably.

Margaret shared in John’s ministry, both service and civilian. She had a capacity for empathy that endeared her to wives whose husbands were away at sea while they were coping with the many domestic worries that can arise.

John served as Honorary Chaplain to the Queen between 1979 and 1983, which entitled him to wear a red cassock; a distinction of which he was very proud.

On retiring from the RN in 1983, John was awarded the OBE. He became Rector of Guisborough, Cleveland for six years before being appointed chaplain and tutor at Whittington College, East Grinstead. John and Margaret moved to Penrith in 1993, where he continued to work with other retired clergy in the diocese of Penrith, conducting services across an area that spans 23 rural parishes. Ever mindful of the ex-Services community, John was President of Penrith and District Royal British Legion

John accepted our invitation to be Chaplain of TCA in 1997. His ministry continued through “Chaplain’s Chat” in TON Talk. His inimitable style combined observations on current affairs with touches of theology and history, plus a strong Christian exhortation in language that sailors can understand and warm to.

A Service of Thanksgiving for the life of John Oliver was held at St Andrew’s Church Penrith on 10th March, which would have been his 87th birthday, TCA was represented by President Rear Admiral John and Jenny Lippiett, Chairman John Soanes and Ann, Charles Wylie, Chris and Dulcie Green, Alan and Jill Clayton, Tony and Barbara Standish and Dave Browne.

Commander Charles Wylie, who had served with John in ARETHUSA and LEVERTON, read the poem “Sea Fever” by John Masefield and Chris Green read the Naval Prayer.

We offer our most sincere condolences to Anne and Stephen and their families.

John and Margaret will be greatly missed.
We pray that they may now be together and at peace.

Obit Cross

Congratulations to TCA Chaplin

John & Margaret Oliver

On their 60th Wedding Anniversary 4th September 2014

John & Margaret Queen telegram 02

Telegram of Congratulations from HM the Queen


TCA Member Dave Walker has copies of Navy News dated from 1978 (about 550 copies) which he would like to dispose of. If anyone is interested please contact Dave to arrange for delivery/collection etc by clicking here to send an e-mail.


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New Item 29-01-2015 Armed Force Covenant 2014 Reports now on ‘Welfare’ page


New item on the Yorkshire Area News page (27th January 2015).


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During the Christmas break the TCA Forum received in excess of 1000 applications to join. The majority of them it seems originated in Romania & India. They have all been rejected. However I did find one genuine request which has been approved. It follows that I might have rejected other genuine applications. If this has happened to you please e-mail me (web master) so that I can rectify the situation. Don’t forget that when applying for access to the forum try to indicate you are a member of the TCA.


Can you help. A member is trying to find information about an incident in Belfast during 1960 when two engineering senior rates went into a dock in a car. Tragically both died. They had been preparing a ‘Minesweeper’ for sea the next day and had just left the ship. Any help with this request will be gratefully received. Information in the first instance to the (web master).

Crossed The Bar

Please be aware that all requests for information to be announced about a member who has Crossed the Bar will be published in Ton Talk. Please contact the editor via this link (click here) Thank you.


TCA Members invited to visit HMS QUORN see story & pictures by going to ‘Today’s RN Minhunters‘ then click on ‘Quorn‘. This is just one of the benefits of being a member of the TCA


New items

Would anyone who served on HMS ILMINGTON especially when the ship sailed for Suez please read the appeal on the “Latest News Items” page.


Go to Area News then the Kent & Yorkshire pages for the latest events news (for November & December 2014). There is now a new area rep for Shropshire & Cheshire. Go to Area News for the links to view.


The 2014 Reunion & AGM was a great success. Pictures and report are now on the New Items page.

The three official reunion photographs are: -

1) Sea Lord with two RN Guests

2) Committee & Area Rep with wives & partners

3) Committee Members & Area Reps

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Return to MALTA May 2015 Maltese Cross

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TS DRAGON (formerly TS Boxer & Ex HMS IVESTON)

It is with regret that we have to announce that the Iveston has become too expensive for the current owners, Thurrock Sea Cadet Unit, to maintain. She has been bought by a Tilbury Harbour Pilot who also owns a ‘towage’ business. The new owner, who obviously knows ships has stated that in all likelihood she will go for scrap but added that there are other options such as with significant alterations she could become a floating office for his business concerns. The Sea Cadets have kindly donated some number of small artefacts to the TCA which are now lodged with the Marshlands Maritime Museum some of which are already on display (watch this site for details of their new web site in due course). We hope to publish pictures of the Iveston’s departure soon but in the meantime –

Iveston image 01

The Last Sunset

IVY Bows Ivy stern 2


The recently upgraded & much improved museum in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard (The National Museum Royal Navy) have published a newsletter full of information that will be of special interest to people planning to visit this attraction.Click on ‘Links‘ above & when on the Links page scroll to the bottom & click on ‘The National Museum Royal Navy‘ link.


Eventful Voyage HMS ARLANZA 1915-16

A new book is promoted for your interest and can be viewed by going to ‘Book Reviews ‘ & clicking on ‘Privately Funded Publications ‘ (above). This is the second & much upgraded publication written by the TCA Hon. Sec. Peter Down. A great read as we remember WWI & the 100 year anniversary.


Do you have friends or family currently deployed or deploying in the near future? if so go to Latest News Items for information from the ‘Friends & Family Of Deployed Units’ article.


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Conference Of Naval Associations (CONA) – TCA CONA Rep & e-mail link now on CONA page


Item posted 1st February 2014 – For all of you who served out the Far East & were involved in the ‘Confrontation’ & especially Borneo a book about the raid on Limbang has been published by Pen & Sword. Visit their section under BOOK REVIEWS.

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