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frontloigWelcome to the new TCA WEBSITE.  We hope you like it & contribute by e-mail or, better still, the Forum. We welcome items, suggestions & constructive criticism to enable us to provide you with a site that meets the associations expectations. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Lt Cdr Dan Nicholson, Poole

Tilford Crew

This is a call for crew members of HMS TILFORD 50 years ago
I was one of the Midshipmen under training at that time. Having recently been in contact with a few of the crew, we have decided to hold an All Ranks Reunion at the Union Jack Club in London on 7th September this year.
If you were in TILFORD for any of that time please contact me, Dan Nicholson by e-mail at: tutordan05@btinternet.com.
Back Row: Marlow, Powell, Simpson, Elson, LSea Terry Davenport*, Nash, Webb C*, Armes, AB McLean*, Webb M*
Middle Row: L/Cook (LEP), CERA Mick Newton, Lt Peter Dench, Lt Mike White(CO), S/Lt John Tolhurst, Mid Dan Nicholson*, PO Mike Fogg*
Front Row: Thorpe, Hardy, Williams, Kelly, Cunningham, AB Carney (Deceased)
Other crew members who joined later include Barrat, Jarrat, Lt Graham O’Riordan*, ME1 Colin Brett*, Harris, White, Smith, Kay, Boatwright, Pascoe, Conway, REM1 Phil Waite*, AB Milon * Indicates already in contact.
See also Pancho’s dit “The Fighting Tilly” in TON Talk edition 163, August 2013… Editor

Latest News Items


Royal Navy School

Channel Four at 2100 on Mondays

Made by the same team that brought you Commando School, this 6 part series follows two classes of recruits in their first few weeks in the Royal Navy at HMS Raleigh. With footage obtained from a mix of fixed cameras in Mess Decks and Offices, and traditional crews following trainees as they experience Raleigh, the documentary tells the story of Raleigh by focussing on a small number of trainees and staff.


The TCA Welfare Officer has supplied information relating to pensions and upcoming changes.  viewmore January 2016


Can you help? The Marshland Maritime Museum has been given a Lifebuoy from HMS ABDIEL. It is soon to be mounted on a crucifix but lacks an Abdiel ships crest/badge for the centre. If anyone can supply one please contact me.To view the museum click here .


Keith Bacon (Marine Artist)

TCA Members may recall Keith who has in the past produced many items for the association and individual members. So it is with great sadness I announce that he Crossed the Bar on the 11th December after a very short illness. If any member has an outstanding order with Keith please contact me Bob Dean. This message will be removed at the end of February 2016




Welcome to the new TCA2000 homepage. Check out the new "Support" section for extra help. We hope you find the new homepage easier to navigate.


Obit Cross

A Service of Thanksgiving is to be held at 14.00 on Tuesday 22nd March in memory of Admiral JJ Black who commanded HMS Fiskerton during the Confrontation. It is to be held in Winchester Cathedral and will be an all-ticket event.

Applications for tickets are to be made no later than 29 Feb by e-mail to nicky.lee855@mod.uk or by letter to Mrs Nicky Lee, Navy Command Headquarters, MP G-2, West Battery, Whale Island, Portsmouth PO2 8DX. Applications should include full names and addresses. Tickets will be despatched no later than 11th March.

It may be anticipated that demand for tickets will be high, so it might be helpful to mention that any TCA ex Fiskerton applicants mention that they had served with JJ.


This has got to be good. Special offer for Valentines Day. Tell your significant other half. You might get lucky.


Pussers Rum-valentines advert

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New Items

Maritime Books (Warship World) have a new address:

Heathland's Business Park
PL14 4DH


This is really going to be a tester.

From Michael Petrie ex Ton Man
Is there anyone in the association who was on the trip to Gibraltar summer of 1976.
We stopped at Vigo on way down and Lisbon then flew home from Gibraltar by RAF to Brize Norton .
Was wondering if anyone had any photos as I have lost all mine and would love to see some.
Many thanks in anticipation - Michael Petrie.

The following pages have new items for your perusal: -

Special Offer by Alton Towers for all Service & ex Service personnel on the Miscellaneous page

New Page RN & RM News - Three new items

01) MCM 1 Article with pictures, 02) Limbang reunion, 03) First Sea Lords Christmas Message

See item & pictures of 2015 Reunion

An important and good new item is on the Welfare page. Please have a read (18th December 2015).

A new book review about the WWII scuttling of HMS MANCHESTER appears on Pen & Sword page.

HMS Quorn Report

HMS Cattistock Report December 2015

Info for model makers. Kit supplier - go to Models


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27 Responses to Welcome

  1. Paul (Ben) Cartwright

    I served on HMS Beachampton in the Gulf in 1970/1971. I would like to join the TCA.

    • Hi Paul,
      Welcome and thanks for contacting us.
      You can download membership application forms from the website. Full details of where to send them are shown. Failing that contact me again and I will happily post off a hard copy to you.
      Best wishes

  2. can not log in

  3. user name ray summers lost pass word

    • Ray I have sent you an e-mail with a new password. Please action when you receive it. Any problems please get back to me.


  4. I should be grateful to know if Lt. Cdr. M. H. Parsons (CO Yarnton 1966/67) is a member of the TCA and for his postal address if you have it. Thank you.

    • Rodney I have searched our membership list which is correct to August 2015 and regret to say that Lt Cdr Parsons name is not listed.

      Best wishes

  5. Good afternoon Peter – what’s the latest news on poor HMS Bronington?

    Has the Peel group abandoned ship?


    richard goss


    +44 (0) 1449-740990

    +44 (0) 7768-79-34-34

    From: AVOCAQA@aol.com [mailto:AVOCAQA@aol.com]
    Sent: 29 March 2007 18:13
    To: news@angliapressagency.co.uk
    Subject: Re: HMS Bronington

    Dear Richard,

    Thank you for your note and continued interest.

    Regret no news, positive or otherwise, about HMS Bronington.

    As of ten days ago she (and HMS Plymouth) were still alongside the wall in Victoria Basin Birkenhead, untended and unloved.

    Some months ago there had been a flurry of interest from a group in Plymouth to return the frigate to Devonport but it fell apart when a property developer there put in a bid for the space where it had been hoped to berth the ship. Mersey Docks & Harbour Co were reported as trying to “package” sale of both vessels together but this was not acceptable to the Plymouth group.

    It is now over two years since Bronington has received any maintenance and her decks were not in good condition then. We fear the worst. Wooden ships deteriorate rapidly. We have been advised that there is standing water in the main passageway and several compartments. We saw patches of wet rot on her upper peck when we were last aboard 18 months ago. If / When the hull begins to leak, there is a significant risk that she will sink at in the dock. Presumably Mersey Docks will be forced to take some action then.

    Our thoughts are turning to possibilities for creating some form of a shore-based memorial by relocation of significant fittings and equipment. Any plan would require the goodwill and cooperation of Mersey Docks and Harbour Co (or their parent Peel Holdings) but so far there is no evidence of either.

    You might try Peel Holdings for their views.

    best wishes,

    Peter Down
    Hon Sec

    TON Class Association

    • Regret to say we have no further news regarding the Bronington. If we do hear then i will publish a statement on this site.

      Best wishes

  6. Christine Cocker

    Good morning,

    My late husband Peter Cocker was a member of your association and recently I have been sorting through some of his photos and papers and found several photos of the Bossington and crew photos which are of no releveance to me and I know he would be pleased if I passed them to you and your association if you would like them. If so please could you forward me an address where I can send them

    Chris Cocker

    • Good afternoon Chris,
      Are you the wife of the author of naval books M P Cocker? if so I used to communicate with Peter as I helped supply some small amount of the material he requested. I have his signed book on my shelf alongside me as I type.
      I would very much like to receive any Ton related material you wish to donate and will e-mail you my address and contact details shortly.
      Very many thanks for contacting us.

      Best wishes

  7. Anthony Rix (Rear Admiral) retired was my 1st Lt. on Wolverton 1982. He is now Chairman of the RNBT might be worth putting some pressure on him to join.

    • Mike can I suggest that you send an e-mail to Peter Down the TCA Hon Sec as he is very keen about supporting the RNBT and might get some joy if he approaches the Rear Admiral.


  8. Hi Bob,

    First impressions of the site is great. Clear, colourful and seems uncomplicated. Although in getting here I think I have at least 3 WordPress profiles now.
    (2 generated with TCA website and a previous one with my cycle club, which also operates through WordPress). Had me knickers in a twist for a little while but no worries, I’ll get sorted, stagger through in the meantime. The main thing is I’m here.

    Well done with the site, like I say it looks great!


  9. Keep up the good work.

  10. I was on various Ton Class and H.M.S. Flatholm as the Island ( No ‘e’ at the end ) in the Severn. A coal burner N0 NINE. Gerald

    • Hi Gerald,
      The Flatholm is new to me. I will have to look it up.
      Not many ex matelots left who can say they served on a coal burner.


  11. David Hutchison

    Shortly after the publication “Jacks of All Trades” came out I purchased a copy and shortly afterwards notified the editor of an error in the HMS Kirkliston entry. I was informed that this would be incorporated into a 2nd edition. Can anyone tell me if a) a 2nd edition was published and b) was the entry for HMS Kirkliston updated?

    • David yes edition 02 has been published. The stores officer may have a couple of copies left. If you can refresh my memory about the error I can check but I am certain it was incorporated.


      • David Hutchison

        I served on HMS Kirkliston as POREL from 16 April 1972 to 11 March 1973 having flown out to Hong Kong. We subsequently sailed back to the UK and the arrival date at Portsmouth, in the publication, could be correct. The first person on board was the Saccone and Speed rep who came to fit the beer pump in the Senior Rate’s Mess (lol) then some of the crew (generally locals) were granted some leave but those living further afield like me ended up being on duty. (I lived in Fife). The entry in the publication dated Oct 72-Oct 73 is wrong. After our crew came back from leave we sailed for HMS Lochinvar where we became part of 1MCMS. During that time we carried out stop and search operations in the Irish Sea looking for anything that may have been going to the IRA. I left Kirkliston for HMS Cochrane and subsequent demob from the RN. I did know of the refit planned in Gibraltar (as mentioned in the publication) but as I had left the Navy by then I do not have the dates that it was there. Hope this helps.

  12. Did you get my response?

    • Jack due to illness in the family I am trying to catchup trouble is I’ve lost the thread a tad. Response to what please.


  13. Michael Petrie,
    Which Ton where you on and the MCM Sqn.
    Have a few photos of a Ton, and Gib.After 1976. Away else where at that Year if I can help.
    Let Bob, know.

  14. Alasdair Macleod

    My late father (John AJ Macleod) served on Ton Class ships in the Mediterranean (based out of Cyprus I think) for his national service.

    Is there a way for me to find out which ships he served on?


    • Alasdair,
      Apologies for delay in reply. My wife has been ill, but now recovered, so I am behind with every thing.
      My guess is that your father served in the 104 MMS or the 108 MSS who carried out anti gun running and anti terrorist patrols around Cyprus during the EOKA campaign (search the web for info on this event). Next of Kin can apply to the MoD for copies of relations service records which would detail which ships and when your father served on. If you need further assistance regarding this please e-mail me.
      Best wishes

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