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frontloigWelcome to the new TCA WEBSITE.  We hope you like it & contribute by e-mail or, better still, the Forum. We welcome items, suggestions & constructive criticism to enable us to provide you with a site that meets the associations expectations. I look forward to hearing from you.

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11 Responses to Welcome

  1. Paul (Ben) Cartwright

    I served on HMS Beachampton in the Gulf in 1970/1971. I would like to join the TCA.

    • Hi Paul,
      Welcome and thanks for contacting us.
      You can download membership application forms from the website. Full details of where to send them are shown. Failing that contact me again and I will happily post off a hard copy to you.
      Best wishes

  2. Ray I have sent you an e-mail with a new password. Please action when you receive it. Any problems please get back to me.


  3. Good afternoon Peter – what’s the latest news on poor HMS Bronington?

    Has the Peel group abandoned ship?


    richard goss


    +44 (0) 1449-740990

    +44 (0) 7768-79-34-34

    From: AVOCAQA@aol.com [mailto:AVOCAQA@aol.com]
    Sent: 29 March 2007 18:13
    To: news@angliapressagency.co.uk
    Subject: Re: HMS Bronington

    Dear Richard,

    Thank you for your note and continued interest.

    Regret no news, positive or otherwise, about HMS Bronington.

    As of ten days ago she (and HMS Plymouth) were still alongside the wall in Victoria Basin Birkenhead, untended and unloved.

    Some months ago there had been a flurry of interest from a group in Plymouth to return the frigate to Devonport but it fell apart when a property developer there put in a bid for the space where it had been hoped to berth the ship. Mersey Docks & Harbour Co were reported as trying to “package” sale of both vessels together but this was not acceptable to the Plymouth group.

    It is now over two years since Bronington has received any maintenance and her decks were not in good condition then. We fear the worst. Wooden ships deteriorate rapidly. We have been advised that there is standing water in the main passageway and several compartments. We saw patches of wet rot on her upper peck when we were last aboard 18 months ago. If / When the hull begins to leak, there is a significant risk that she will sink at in the dock. Presumably Mersey Docks will be forced to take some action then.

    Our thoughts are turning to possibilities for creating some form of a shore-based memorial by relocation of significant fittings and equipment. Any plan would require the goodwill and cooperation of Mersey Docks and Harbour Co (or their parent Peel Holdings) but so far there is no evidence of either.

    You might try Peel Holdings for their views.

    best wishes,

    Peter Down
    Hon Sec

    TON Class Association

  4. Glad to be back! Left the TCA for reasons I can’t remember but now belong to a trinity of RNA, MWA and TCA. Fond memories of Glasserton, Alfriston, Kellington and Lewiston. Have found some ex Ton class oppos in my RNA branch so I’m working on them to join – we can have our own chapter to counterbalance a heavy WAFU majority!

    Thanks for having me back.


    • Bruce welcome back and apologies for taking so long to acknowledge your posting due to a glitch and failing memory.

  5. Neil I regret to say that every avenue has been tried in attempts to save her. She is way past recovery. HRH is aware but in a difficult position. If he helps one he will be expected to help all.

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